iPhone 16 Plus battery size leak makes no sense

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I’m nan benignant of longtime iPhone personification who doesn’t upgrade their handset each twelvemonth anymore. I moved to nan iPhone 14 Pro from nan iPhone X, and I skipped nan iPhone 15 series. But I will astir apt bargain 1 of nan iPhone 16 models this September. And, dissimilar erstwhile purchases, I mightiness debar nan Pro wholly and bargain a cheaper model. Not only that, but I’m besides considering getting a larger iPhone model, which would beryllium a first for me. 

I’ve ever avoided nan Pro Max size, but now I consciousness for illustration I request a bigger screen. I could get that from nan guidelines iPhone 16 Pro, which will beryllium somewhat larger than nan regular model. But I’ve travel to recognize that I don’t needfully request a Pro smartphone. I could do good pinch a non-Pro type and prevention money. 

The existent logic nan iPhone 16 Plus is truthful appealing concerns artillery life. The iPhone 14 Plus and 15 Plus person seen awesome praise for artillery life, and I deliberation nan iPhone 16 Plus should beryllium conscionable arsenic good, if not better, than its predecessors.

That’s why I find a leaker’s caller artillery size claims for nan iPhone 16 Plus annoying, and I dream their info is inaccurate. Why would nan iPhone 16 Plus battalion a smaller artillery than its predecessor?

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Why nan iPhone 16 Pros are getting bigger batteries

We’ve already covered MajinBu’s claims that bespeak the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will characteristic larger batteries than their predecessors. If you’ve been pursuing iPhone 16 rumors, you already cognize why that makes sense. 

Based connected nan accusation I managed to obtain, nan caller iPhone 16 will person a 3561 mAh battery, while nan 16 positive should person a 4006 mAh artillery and nan 16 Pro Max, should beryllium equipped pinch a 4676 mAh artillery that is nary longer L-shaped owed to nan redesign of nan soul structure… pic.twitter.com/T7VuhQ6Brs

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) February 7, 2024

Apple wants to adhd a periscope lens to nan smaller iPhone 16 Pro. To do so, it needs to summation its size. Therefore, nan handset should characteristic a 6.3-inch surface alternatively of a 6.1-inch show for illustration each of nan iPhone Pro models truthful far. The other abstraction wrong would accommodate nan periscope lens and a larger battery. 

The iPhone 16 Pro Max will reportedly get a 6.9-inch sheet alternatively of nan accustomed 6.7-inch screen. There’s already capable room wrong nan Max for a periscope lens. But Apple can’t conscionable summation nan size of nan iPhone 16 Pro. It has to support a visible quality betwixt nan Pro and Pro Max. The other use for nan iPhone 16 Pro Max is simply a larger artillery size. 

Then, each iPhone 16 models will stone a marque caller Capture button. This capacitive fastener will travel pinch other hardware that would inhabit immoderate abstraction wrong nan handset. This fastener will beryllium connected nan aforesaid broadside arsenic nan battery, however. Any components related to it would beryllium placed elsewhere wrong nan phone.

All these changes mightiness explicate why Apple could driblet nan L-shape batteries successful favour of nan much accepted artillery design. 

I’ll besides mention nan A18 Pro chips powering nan caller iPhone 16 Pro, which should bring power ratio gains. It happens pinch each next-gen A-series chip.

Battery sizes for iPhone 15 Plus (left) and purported iPhone 16 Plus (right). Image source: Twitter

iPhone 16 Plus artillery size

Where does nan iPhone 16 Plus fresh successful each of this? Well, nan leaker claims nan telephone will person a 4,006 mAh battery, which is importantly smaller than nan iPhone 15 Plus’s 4,383 mAh battery. 

Assuming nan accusation is accurate, nan iPhone 16 Plus mightiness not outperform nan iPhone 16 Pro Max’s artillery life. Maybe it wouldn’t past arsenic agelong arsenic nan iPhone 15 Plus either, though I’m conscionable speculating. I besides could spot why Apple would want nan iPhone 16 Pro Max to connection nan champion imaginable artillery life of nan full iPhone 16 series, alternatively than nan cheaper 16 Plus.

What puzzles maine are nan schematics that Majin Bu put up propose nan iPhone 16 Plus artillery (image above). The iPhone 16 Plus will person nan aforesaid size arsenic nan iPhone 15 Plus, which intends nan soul components will get a akin placement. However, nan artillery battalion appears to beryllium narrower. It mightiness beryllium somewhat shorter. Or it could beryllium placed somewhat person to nan bottommost side. 

The tallness alteration of nan artillery makes consciousness if we return into relationship nan caller vertical creation of nan camera module. I’ll punctual you that Apple went for a diagonal setup pinch nan iPhone 13 bid arsenic it brought sensor displacement optical image stabilization to nan wide cameras of each iPhone 13 models. That’s a larger camera, truthful Apple went pinch nan diagonal creation to prevention immoderate abstraction internally.

Here’s a reminder of really ample nan wide lens is compared to nan ultrawide and telephoto lenses:

iPhone 12 Pro Max CameraX-ray image shows nan iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 3 rear cameras: telephoto (top left), ultra-wide perspective (right), and wide-angle (bottom left). The wide lens features sensor-shift OIS tech. Image source: iFixit

But why would nan iPhone 16 Plus artillery beryllium narrower? The logic committee sits connected nan correct side. Will it summation successful size? And if so, why?

The aforesaid schematic supra indicates that nan iPhone 16 Plus camera would beryllium somewhat larger than nan iPhone 15 Plus. It would “push” nan artillery downwards. 

Then, there’s nan Capture fastener that will request soul components. But, again, nan fastener is placed connected nan aforesaid broadside arsenic nan battery, arsenic seen successful nan schematic. 

Finally, I’ll constituent retired different point that applies to each nan batteries successful this schematics. We’re only seeing 2 dimensions, nan height, and width. It’s unclear really wide nan artillery is. Rumors opportunity Apple mightiness employment amended cooling connected nan phones, which could return further space.

Thankfully, it’s only February. There’s plentifulness of clip to spot much artillery leaks for nan iPhone 16 models.