Is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom streaming?

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2018 seems for illustration specified a agelong clip ago, but it’s only been half a decade since Aquaman became nan highest-grossing DC movie ever. The film’s $1.152 cardinal worldwide full easy earned it a sequel, which is arriving this week successful theaters nether nan title Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.

Director James Wan returned for nan sequel, which notably features almost each formed personnel from nan first film. Jason Momoa is reprising his domiciled arsenic Arthur Curry/Aquaman, with Patrick Wilson arsenic Orm Marius, Amber Heard arsenic Mera, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II arsenic Black Manta, Randall Park arsenic Dr. Stephen Shin,  Dolph Lundgren arsenic Nereus, Temuera Morrison arsenic Tom Curry, Martin Short arsenic Kingfish, and Nicole Kidman arsenic Atlanna.

While nan first movie featured Arthur taking connected his half-brother, Orm, for nan throne of Atlantis, nan sequel will unit nan siblings to squad up erstwhile Black Manta gains capable powerfulness to frighten some Atlantis and nan remainder of nan world pinch full destruction. It is besides nan last DC Extended Universe movie earlier nan upcoming DC Universe reboot originates successful 2025 pinch Superman: Legacy.

Is Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom streaming?

Patrick Wilson and Jason Momoa successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

No, not yet. Superhero movies person been having capable problems this year. Saddling Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom pinch a day-and-date theatrical and streaming merchandise would person been nan buss of decease for this sequel. No 1 really expects this movie to lucifer nan original Aquaman‘s success, but nan early search presently has The Lost Kingdom slated to make only $40 cardinal this weekend. For comparison’s sake, The Marvels opened to $46 cardinal past period connected its measurement to becoming Marvel Studios’ biggest explosive to date. If Aquaman 2 opens moreover little than that, past DC is successful moreover worse style than we thought.

Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom could defy those unspeakable numbers if it pulls successful stronger-than-expected business complete nan agelong Christmas weekend. But astatine nan moment, it judge looks for illustration Aquaman is going to slumber pinch nan fishes, truthful to speak.

Will Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom beryllium disposable to watercourse astatine home?

Patrick Wilson and Jason Mamoa successful "Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom."Warner Bros. Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom will beryllium heading to Max astatine immoderate point. The earliest that will hap is February. But moreover successful nan arena of The Lost Kingdom bombing successful theaters, Max will apt hold until March aliases April earlier giving nan movie a streaming debut.

Will Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom spell connected to different streamers arsenic well? Warner Bros. Pictures licensed retired respective of its 2022 movies to Netflix and Prime Video earlier this year, including DC films for illustration The Suicide Squad, The Batman, and Black Adam. The cardinal portion of that woody was that those were last year’s films. Max astir apt won’t indebtedness retired Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom to different streamer successful 2024, but that whitethorn alteration successful 2025.

Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom is now playing successful theaters.

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