Is Helldivers 2 crossplay?

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The Terminids are backmost successful Helldivers 2, and only you and your friends tin prevention Super Earth by moving together. This sequel shifts nan position of nan first crippled from a top-down perspective to a much accepted third-person one, but retains nan chaotic look of swarms of enemies and nan ever-present threat of friends fire.

Being truthful heavy dependent connected co-op, you will ever want a squad of friends by your broadside erstwhile you driblet planet-side to tally missions. This is simply a uncommon lawsuit wherever a PlayStation-published crippled is launching not only connected nan PS5, but connected PC astatine nan aforesaid time. While that’s great, nan astir important mobility is if PlayStation has added crossplay to Helldivers 2 so nary 1 is stranded connected their preferred platform.

Two soldiers clasping hands successful Helldivers 2.Sony Interactive Entertainment

Here’s nan bully news: Yes, Helldivers 2 has afloat crossplay betwixt nan PS5 and PC versions of nan game. There are nary barriers betwixt you and a friend playing missions sloppy of level preference. All you request to do is spell into nan Social tab of nan paper and make a friend code. Pass this on to your buddies connected nan different level to participate into their crippled and you will beryllium matched up successful nary time.

Unfortunately, astatine slightest astatine nan clip of this writing, location is nary cross-save aliases cross-progression implemented successful Helldivers 2. So, if you determine later connected that you would alternatively play connected nan other platform, you will beryllium starting a caller characteristic complete again from quadrate one.

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