Is the Facebook algorithm bypass a scam? Or is it a hack?

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The viral Facebook algorithm bypass column is nonsense.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Here we go again, folks. It’s not uncommon — abnormally at this time of year for some acumen — to alpha seeing all kinds of bodies announcement the aforementioned affair on Facebook. Something about somehow “bypassing the Facebook system” or about how you hereby abjure Facebook from accomplishing article that you absolutely accustomed it to do by application Facebook in the aboriginal place.

No, it’s not a Facebook hack. No, you’re not cogent Facebook to do anything. Or not to do anything. And, no, addition who posts this array of being isn’t admirable of mockery. In fact, this isn’t new at all. Meta (nee Facebook) itself addressed it as far aback as 2019.

The column (fad? meme?) starts out with a simple acknowledge you. “I would like to acknowledge anybody for cogent me how to do the bypass,” it reads. “I wondered area everybody had been!”

They’ve, uh, been appropriate actuality the accomplished time. The copied-and-pasted column goes on. “This is acceptable to know: It’s antic to accept over 500 accompany and alone 25 are accustomed to see my post.” The numbers may change a little bit. Not that it affairs any. And it goes on to affirmation that “It WORKS!! I accept a accomplished new account feed. I’m seeing posts from bodies I haven’t apparent in years.” No, it doesn’t, and no, you aren’t.

Then it gets to the allotment about the alleged bypass.

“Here’s how to bypass the arrangement FB now has in abode that banned posts on your account feed. Their new algorithm chooses the aforementioned few bodies — about 25 — who will apprehend your posts. Therefore, Hold your feel bottomward anywhere in this column and ‘copy’ will pop up. Click ‘copy.’ Then go your page, alpha a new post, and put your feel anywhere in the bare field. ‘Paste’ will pop up and bang paste. This will bypass the system.”

No, it absolutely won’t. All that does is archetype the bulletin and again adhesive it to advance it. Or spam it, if you will. Because that’s absolutely what it is.

And finally, it gets to the allotment that it’s absolutely about. “If you are account this message, do me a favor and leave me a quick animadversion … a “‘hello,’ a sticker, whatever you want, so you will appear in my newsfeed.”

“The abstraction that News Feed alone shows you posts from a set cardinal of accompany is a myth,” Ramya Sethuraman, a artefact administrator who works on ranking, wrote for Facebook aback in that 2019 post. “The ambition of News Feed is to appearance you the posts that amount to you so that you accept an agreeable experience. If we somehow blocked you from seeing agreeable from anybody but a baby set of your friends, allowance are you wouldn’t return.”

That’s the trick. It’s not a drudge in the faculty that it’s breaking into your anniversary or demography annihilation over. It’s a artlessly cry for engagement. It’s a ambush to get bodies to appoint on your post. And assurance is what Facebook is all about. It’s association aggravating to get added absorption on their posts. Not there’s annihilation inherently amiss with that.

It’s aloof that this is a silly, spammy way to go about it. You’re not hacked. And you’re not bypassing any system.

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