Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 still worth it 10 months later?

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Samsung Galaxy S23 successful pick opinionated adjacent to a Trader Sam's christmastide yule tiki mug.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

It’s crazy to deliberation that 2023 will beryllium wrapping up successful conscionable a fewer weeks from now, and a caller twelvemonth will beryllium upon america faster than we think. One of nan first awesome flagship phones that came retired successful 2023 was nan Samsung Galaxy S23, which launched successful February alongside its Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra siblings.

I gave nan Samsung Galaxy S23 a affirmative reappraisal erstwhile it first came out, but location person been a lot of caller flagship phones from competitors since then. Samsung is besides expected to uncover its successor, nan Galaxy S24 lineup, early successful 2024.

So, does nan Samsung Galaxy S23 still clasp up successful precocious 2023?

One of nan champion mini phones you tin buy

Samsung Galaxy S23 held successful manus against greenish floral backdropChristine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

These days, it seems that each awesome smartphone you spot aliases perceive astir is simply a gigantic slab. It’s difficult to find a marque that makes reasonably sized compact phones anymore. If you worth small phones that you tin usage easy pinch 1 hand, nan Samsung Galaxy S23 remains 1 of nan champion around.

Since Samsung uses aluminum and solid for nan S23, it’s beautiful lightweight, clocking successful astatine nether 6 ounces. The show is besides only 6.1 inches, which is astir arsenic mini arsenic it gets nowadays. That intends it’s reasonably manageable to usage pinch 1 hand, though buttons successful nan precocious corners are still a spot of a scope if you person mini hands for illustration me. But again, it’s much doable than on, say, nan monolithic 6.8-inch surface of nan S23 Ultra.

However, though I admit nan matte solid connected nan backmost of nan S23, it’s still a spot excessively slippery for my liking. I deliberation Apple did nan matte solid amended pinch nan iPhone 15’s “color-infused” glass, which is besides matte, but isn’t arsenic difficult to clasp without a case.

But overall, holding and utilizing nan S23 has been comfortable compared to a batch of different phones I’ve tried this year. The mini and compact size is decidedly invited among a oversea of elephantine solid slabs, and honestly, I wish location were much phones this size (and weight).

The S23 is still blazing accelerated and powerful

Samsung Galaxy S23 displaying apps connected screenChristine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I had utilized nan Galaxy S23 for respective months early connected this year, but erstwhile much phones came out, nan S23 benignant of fell by nan wayside for me. The past clip I utilized nan S23 was astir May, truthful picking it backmost up for this end-of-year revisit is nan first clip I’ve utilized it successful months.

And you cognize what? I’m a spot amazed astatine really accelerated and snappy nan S23 still feels each these months later. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is already a very tin spot for flagship phones, but pinch this optimized type specifically made for Samsung Galaxy devices, there’s nary holding it back. At times, it moreover feels faster than my iPhone 15 Pro.

Just for illustration erstwhile I first reviewed nan phone, nan Galaxy S23 doesn’t springiness maine immoderate lag aliases choppy framework rates. Apps unfastened up instantly, switching betwixt aggregate apps is accelerated and seamless, and immoderate rendering pinch photograph edits happens successful seconds.

For nan mean personification who conscionable wants a bully Android phone, nan S23 is precisely that — and more. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy still packs rather a punch, and it’s awesome to spot really good it’s still holding up astir a twelvemonth later.

Super-easy customization

A Samsung Galaxy S23 pinch a Christmas taxable applied.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

As I’ve been utilizing nan Galaxy S23 again, I besides remembered really easy it is to alteration nan full artistic of nan instrumentality pinch themes from nan Galaxy Themes store. I’m nan benignant of personification who likes to personalize my device, and though it’s imaginable connected beautiful overmuch immoderate Android device, I conscionable for illustration nan simplicity of it pinch Samsung. I tin do it correct from nan Settings, and erstwhile I use a theme, I don’t really request to do overmuch other pinch it.

This is nan benignant of characteristic that I wish Apple would adhd astatine immoderate point. Since iOS 14 allowed users to usage civilization app icons done Shortcuts without jailbreaking, and location surface widgets fto you get imaginative pinch your aesthetics, theming became has go much of a reality connected iOS. But it’s still a tedious process and little than ideal. I wish Apple would return a instruction from Samsung and adhd app icons and themes successful its ain integer storefront; I’d walk a bully chunk of money connected it.

And contempt nan truth that location are similarities betwixt Samsung and Apple erstwhile it comes to customizing nan fastener screen, Samsung still thumps Apple. Why? Because you tin alteration nan fastener surface shortcuts to thing other too nan flashlight and camera if you want to. I’m shocked that Apple hasn’t fixed america that expertise yet pinch nan Action fastener connected nan iPhone 15 Pro.

An entry-level telephone pinch a triple-lens camera system

Christine holding her Samsung Galaxy S23 pinch cameras facing outChristine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Despite nan Galaxy S23 being nan entry-level exemplary successful nan lineup, Samsung still gave it a triple-lens camera strategy pinch a telephoto sensor. Compared to competitors for illustration Google and Apple, which only connection a dual-camera strategy connected their guidelines models, Samsung gives you a spot much bang for your buck.

One of nan reasons why I usually bargain nan iPhone Pro models is because I want to person a telephoto camera pinch optical zoom capabilities. But nan problem is that it’s much costly to bargain nan Pro, and typically, Apple saves nan absorbing colors for nan regular iPhone. It’s nan aforesaid pinch Google and nan Pixel lineup.

I admit nan truth that Samsung astatine slightest includes a telephoto lens successful nan guidelines model, truthful moreover those who spell for nan astir affordable aliases smallest S23 tin still person bully optical zoom. Of course, nan 200MP main camera and 10x optical zoom are reserved for nan S23 Ultra, but it’s still bully to person a guidelines exemplary instrumentality pinch a triple-lens camera.

My problem pinch taking photos pinch nan S23 lies pinch Samsung’s inclination to person oversaturated colors and brightness. Though it useful for immoderate situations, different times it conscionable looks excessively artificial for my tastes. I’m hoping that Samsung tones down nan saturation and vibrancy levels pinch nan upcoming S24 adjacent year.

Still a awesome telephone today

Samsung Galaxy S23 backmost glassChristine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Even though we’re expecting nan S24 to driblet successful early 2024, nan Galaxy S23 is still a awesome bargain if you want a small, but powerful Android telephone that will past you a fewer years. It’s particularly bully if you want thing that gives you immoderate bully bang for your buck.

Though it launched pinch a value tag of $800, you tin find it for little beautiful easy these days. If you find it for little than nan original unit price, past it’s a awesome worth and 1 I’d still happily urge today.

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