Is this cheaper Oura Ring alternative any good? I reviewed it to find out

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A personification wearing nan RingConn Smart Ring.

RingConn Smart Ring

MSRP $279.00

“The RingConn Smart Ring is very comfortable, perfectly suited to slumber tracking, and has a artillery that lasts for a full week.”


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • No app subscription
  • Detailed slumber tracking
  • Travel charging lawsuit included
  • Seven days artillery life


  • No workout tracking
  • App notifications haven't worked
  • HRV and humor oxygen accuracy needs improvement

Naming a merchandise “con” seems for illustration a bad idea, sloppy of really galore n’s are used. But present we person nan RingConn Smart Ring, a wearable wellness locator that takes connected nan Oura Ring, nan Ultrahuman Ring Air, and — successful nan early — nan Samsung Galaxy Ring.

But will you consciousness conned retired of $279 if you bargain one? I’ve had nan RingConn Smart Ring connected my digit for a fewer weeks and tin now show you if it’s a swindle aliases not.

RingConn Smart Ring: design

The RingConn Smart Ring seen from nan side.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The RingConn Smart Ring (hereafter often referred to arsenic simply RingConn) is little of a ringing and much of a squircle. The soul conception is circular, but nan outer portion has a subtle rounded quadrate style — and it’s really a existent success. I’ve been wearing nan RingConn Smart Ring connected nan mediate digit of my near hand, pinch my Oura Ring successful its accustomed spot connected nan mediate digit of my correct hand. I started nan aforesaid measurement erstwhile I reviewed nan Ultrahuman Ring Air, but I had to switch it retired pinch my Oura Ring arsenic it was very uncomfortable to deterioration this way. I haven’t worn a ringing connected my near manus since then, but it only took a fewer hours to get utilized to nan RingConn.

A large portion of nan logic it quickly became unnoticeable is not only nan squircle shape, which you consciousness little betwixt your fingers, but besides nan tapered edges of nan ring. I haven’t suffered from immoderate discomfort aliases awkwardness astatine all, and I person recovered it easy to deterioration 24 hours a day. The ringing is thicker than nan Oura Ring, and it does get caught connected gloves. I announcement it erstwhile gripping nan steering instrumentality aliases gearstick successful my car, much truthful than pinch nan Oura Ring.

The broadside of nan RingConn Smart Ring.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The RingConn is made of titanium pinch a integrative soul conception wherever nan sensors are located. It has an IP68 h2o and particulate guidance rating, and my Moonlit Silver type weighs 3 grams, according to my scales (the aforesaid arsenic my Oura Ring). I selected nan aforesaid size RingConn Smart Ring arsenic my Oura Ring, and I would opportunity it fits a mini spot larger, emotion conscionable a touch looser connected my finger. I’d urge getting a sizing kit sloppy of being capable to adhd successful your accustomed ringing size astatine nan clip of purchase.

The RingConn Smart Ring has proved to beryllium exceptionally comfortable to wear.

The RingConn Smart Ring’s titanium has a matte decorativeness connected nan aboveground and polished sides, which apt helps visually minimize nan ring’s bulk — it is rather important — but doesn’t make it overly flashy successful this colour scheme. I uncertainty nan aforesaid tin beryllium said for nan Pale Gold model, which looks cleanable for nan wannabe goodfella who cares astir their slumber patterns. When you look very closely, nan polished sides person picked up immoderate scratches connected my smart ring, but nan matte sections still look new.

The RingConn Smart Ring seen from nan side, showing nan sensors.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Whether you find nan squircle style endearing and quirky aliases alternatively bizarre and not astatine each ring-like will beryllium down to individual preference. What you request to cognize is nan RingConn Smart Ring has proved to beryllium exceptionally comfortable to wear, and contempt being somewhat larger than nan Oura Ring, it won’t interfere pinch mundane life — moreover erstwhile worn for 24 hours a day.

RingConn Smart Ring: what does it do?

The RingConn Smart Ring placed connected a telephone surface showing nan RingConn app.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Now you cognize nan RingConn Smart Ring is arsenic as comfortable to deterioration arsenic nan Oura Ring, making it much comfortable than nan Ultrahuman Ring Air, what will it do erstwhile it’s connected your finger? The unfortunate reply is not a awesome woody astatine nan moment. The institution down nan smart ringing lists various “developing functions” connected its website arsenic a teaser of what’s to travel — workout tracking, mindfulness, meditation, rhythm search — but nan merchandise I’m wearing coming has none.

This makes it a reasonably simple, very unobtrusive slumber locator that keeps a watchful but passive oculus connected your regular activity. The Oura Ring looks for illustration an Apple Watch adjacent to it successful position of sheer functionality and assortment of features. So, what does nan RingConn Smart Ring do, exactly? It monitors sleep, stress, bosom rate, humor oxygen levels, bosom complaint variability (HRV), tegument temperature, and basal movement. It breaks each of these down into abstracted sections successful nan app, providing an overview of your sleep, activity, and accent level.

The RingConn Smart Ring's app shown connected a telephone screen.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

There really isn’t overmuch much to it extracurricular of presenting nan information successful nan app. There’s nary dedicated workout mode astatine each (yet, according to RingConn), and there’s nary measurement to adhd a workout manually. The app shows activity data, steps, and calorie burn, but without immoderate circumstantial workout mode aliases recognition, it’s highly basic. Runners, cyclists, and athletes of immoderate type wanting to way their exploits and summation penetration into their capacity should look elsewhere.

It’s astatine this constituent you request to make a decision: Is this conscionable nan correct magnitude of search for you, aliases not? If you chiefly want a slumber tracker, past nan RingConn will fulfill you. But if you want a wider health, fitness, and activity locator — in-depth aliases different — past 1 of nan different apical smart rings aliases a smartwatch should beryllium astatine nan apical of your list; nan RingConn Smart Ring will beryllium excessively basal for you successful its existent form.

RingConn Smart Ring: what astir nan app?

The RingConn Smart Ring's app shown connected a telephone screen.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Understanding nan RingConn Smart Ring’s limitations coming is important, arsenic promised caller features are ne'er guaranteed to get successful a timely fashion. Now you cognize what it does astatine nan moment, there’s thing other you should know: nan app is free and does not require a subscription, making it different from nan Oura Ring, which costs $6 per period to use.

The superior metric successful nan app is RingConn’s Wellness Balance, presented arsenic a radar floor plan plotting your sleep, activity, captious signs, and accent management. It overlays your existent capacity pinch nan time before’s stats. Tap it, and you get much item connected each individual section, positive a written overview of your existent authorities and a header parameter specified arsenic Good aliases Improvable. You tin past excavation into each conception for individual information points.

It’s a solid, informative strategy pinch a clear, evident overview of your status. The radar floor plan makes it elemental to spot wherever you lacked and erstwhile you’ve had a balanced day. The connection utilized is to nan point, specified arsenic “You’re not successful a bully condition” aliases “Your information is improvable,” truthful you cognize wherever you are pinch nan RingConn. There’s nary analyzable connection aliases terminology to wade through, for illustration location is pinch nan Ultrahuman Ring Air’s app.

It’s a solid, informative strategy pinch a clear, evident overview of your status.

Elsewhere, location are graphs showing trends complete a week, month, aliases year, and immoderate easy-to-understand graphs connected each of your captious statistic specified arsenic bosom rate, humor oxygen, and HRV. Less adjuvant is nan Health Timeline, which wants to springiness you an overview of your time but ends up repeating information recovered elsewhere, conscionable presented little intelligibly pinch added emojis. I’ve had nary issues pinch reliability aliases syncing, and I haven’t noticed immoderate adverse artillery depletion either. I’ve been utilizing nan RingConn Smart Ring connected to a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and nan app is besides disposable for iOS.

A personification wearing nan RingConn Smart Ring.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Despite app notifications being switched connected for activity reminders and bosom complaint spikes, positive nan correct permissions group successful Android, it has remained stubbornly silent throughout. I surely don’t want it to interrupt maine excessively often, but it would beryllium bully if nan notifications I requested arrived. It tin nexus pinch Apple Health and Google Fit, but that’s each — different facet that sees nan RingConn neglect to entreaty to anyone keen connected fitness.

The RingConn Smart Ring’s app isn’t arsenic effortless aliases arsenic beautifully presented arsenic Oura’s app and isn’t sending notifications astatine nan infinitesimal either, but it’s acold much accessible than Ultrahuman’s app, and it’s fantabulous to spot that astatine nan infinitesimal there’s nary subscription interest attached. The RingConn isn’t an approved aesculapian device, truthful nan proposal and guidance it gives is rather broad, but I for illustration that it’s clear wherever you should personally make immoderate changes to thief amended your condition.

RingConn Smart Ring: is it accurate?

A personification wearing nan RingConn Smart Ring.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The RingConn Smart Ring is champion for search slumber astatine nan moment, but really does it comparison to nan Oura Ring, and is nan information it presents accurate? I’ve worn nan RingConn for much than 2 weeks, and though it doesn’t specify a play of clip it requires to study your baseline figures, this should beryllium capable for it to person a bully idea.

Taking nan astir caller night’s slumber arsenic an example, nan RingConn Smart Ring was wrong 10 minutes of nan Oura Ring’s full slumber time, returned almost nan aforesaid Sleep Score, and astir nan aforesaid times for slumber stages. The mean bosom complaint was wrong a hit of nan Oura Ring, but nan mean HRV was ever considerably higher. Along pinch nan HRV, nan RingConn besides routinely showed a little humor oxygen level than nan Oura Ring, which I deliberation has to do pinch nan ring’s loose fresh connected my finger.

The RingConn Smart Ring's app shown connected a telephone screen.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Because there’s nary activity aliases workout tracking, it simply isn’t very bully astatine knowing conscionable really overmuch you move during nan day, and while I deliberation nan Oura Ring overcounts steps, nan RingConn does look to undercount them slightly. It doesn’t admit workouts, and there’s nary measurement to adhd 1 successful manually, truthful you extremity nan time ever looking for illustration you’ve done little than you have. It’s unfair to judge nan accuracy of daytime activity excessively much, arsenic it can’t show activity properly.

This is nan RingConn’s problem. It’s a bully slumber tracker, returning akin information to nan Oura Ring. But extracurricular of this, nan software, features, and algorithms aren’t powerful aliases broad capable to springiness you a elaborate overview of your health. The promised workout characteristic and changes to nan measurement it monitors regular activity and activity request to get soon for it to beryllium taken earnestly arsenic an all-day activity locator alternatively than conscionable a competent slumber locator arsenic it is now.

RingConn Smart Ring: artillery and charging

The RingConn Smart Ring successful nan recreation charger case.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I’ve worn nan RingConn Smart Ring for much than 2 weeks, but I’ve only had to complaint it a fewer times. It lasted for six days connected nan first complaint and still had capable complaint for astatine slightest portion of time 7 erstwhile I decided to apical it up. After my astir caller charge, it’s headed towards 7 days of use, according to nan estimate provided successful nan app. Expect to get almost a afloat week retired of nan RingConn’s artillery astatine nan moment, but besides expect this to alteration erstwhile further features arrive.

The institution has adopted a charging strategy akin to that of existent wireless earbuds for nan ring, arsenic it comes pinch a recreation lawsuit that has a built-in artillery to complaint it. RingConn claims nan artillery successful nan lawsuit provides 150 days of use, which isn’t imaginable to verify astatine this stage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t nonstop a notification to your telephone erstwhile nan ringing has vanished charging, dissimilar nan Oura Ring.

The RingConn Smart Ring adjacent to nan unfastened recreation charger case.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

If you want a much accepted charging plinth, 1 is disposable to bargain separately from RingConn’s website for $40, which apparently charges nan ring’s artillery successful astir 2 hours. It’s a astonishment to spot RingConn opt to do it this way, arsenic I’d usually expect nan recreation lawsuit to beryllium sold separately. It’s welcome, though, arsenic nan lawsuit adds convenience and security, too, arsenic location is location to shop nan ringing safely erstwhile it’s not successful use.

RingConn Smart Ring: value and availability

The RingConn Smart Ring's broadside profile.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The RingConn costs $279 sloppy of nan decorativeness aliases size, making it a small cheaper than nan basal $299 Heritage creation Oura Ring in metallic aliases black. The app does not require a subscription, truthful this is nan value you salary for nan long of your ownership, extracurricular of immoderate additions RingConn whitethorn present successful nan future. It’s considerably cheaper than the $349 Ultrahuman Ring Air, which besides does not person a subscription package attached.

While it’s nan lowest-cost smart ringing retired of these three, it’s besides nan 1 pinch nan fewest features. Both nan Oura Ring and nan Ultrahuman person workout-tracking modes and greater functionality successful nan app, from meditations and mindfulness to caffeine intake suggestions and integrations pinch apps for illustration Natural Cycles. You’ll salary little for nan RingConn, but it besides does little than nan competition.

RingConn, Oura Ring, aliases Apple Watch?

The RingConn Smart Ring adjacent to nan Oura Ring.Oura Ring (left) and RingConn Smart Ring Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The RingConn Smart Ring, successful its existent form, is simply a difficult merchandise to perfectly urge to everyone. The ring’s creation and build value is very bully and I find it very comfortable to wear, positive I admit nan various colors available. There’s nary subscription for nan app, it provides a bully level of accusation for what it tracks, and has been perfectly reliable. Seven days of artillery life intends you don’t person to perpetually deliberation astir charging it up, and nan included recreation charger lawsuit is useful.

However, nan functionality is lacking, and it’s really only a slumber locator astatine nan moment, providing adjacent to nary in-depth accusation astir regular activity aliases workouts, moreover if you were prepared to adhd things successful manually.

When nan RingConn gets nan promised characteristic updates, it has nan imaginable to beryllium a existent replacement for galore people.

Take this into account, and nan value really looks rather high, particularly compared to what you’d get from nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 aliases nan Apple Watch SE 2. If search slumber is your extremity and you person nary liking successful search fitness, nan RingConn is 1 of nan slightest intrusive ways to do so, but we’d besides propose looking astatine a merchandise for illustration nan Withings Sleep Analyzer.

A personification wearing nan RingConn Smart Ring.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Oura Ring remains nan champion smart ringing you tin buy, but it is hampered by nan ongoing subscription cost. When nan RingConn gets nan promised characteristic updates, it has nan imaginable to beryllium a existent replacement for galore people, arsenic it avoids nan niche, highly focused characteristic set of nan Ultrahuman Ring Air. Provided you cognize what you’re getting pinch nan RingConn today and don’t bargain it based connected what it may have successful nan future, you won’t consciousness conned, though.

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