Juventus vs Udinese live stream: Can you watch for free?

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Tim Keeney

By Tim Keeney February 12, 2024 6:00AM

Looking to bounce backmost from conscionable their 2nd conclusion of nan season, Juventus return connected Udinese connected Monday astatine Allianz Stadium. Four points and an other lucifer now abstracted Inter and Juventus atop nan Serie A table, truthful Massimiliano Allegri’s squad can’t spend thing but a triumph present against a Udinese broadside that has conscionable 19 points successful 23 matches this season.

If you unrecorded successful nan United States, nan lucifer (2:45 p.m. ET commencement time) will watercourse exclusively connected Paramount+. If you haven’t utilized Paramount+ before, you tin watch Juventus vs Udinese astatine nary costs pinch a free trial. If you person utilized it, though, we person immoderate different sneaky ways you watch nan lucifer unrecorded for free.

Is There a Free Roma vs Inter Live Stream?

Paramount Plus logo connected a achromatic background.Paramount

There are 3 ways you tin watch Roma vs Inter for free successful nan United States. Paramount+ is nan first and astir simple, arsenic a subscription will get you entree to each Serie A lucifer this season. It costs $6 per period aliases $60 for nan year, but you get a seven-day free proceedings erstwhile signing up.

If you’ve already utilized your Paramount+ free trial, you tin besides watch Paramount+ done Sling TV. Sling doesn’t usually connection a free trial, but nan “Paramount+ pinch SHOWTIME” add-on is presently free for your first month, and you tin get it by itself without having to adhd either of nan “Sling Orange” aliases “Sling Blue” guidelines packages (which don’t travel pinch a free trial).

The 3rd measurement you tin watch nan lucifer for free is done nan Paramount+ Amazon Channel. You request an Amazon Prime subscription to watch this way, but some Prime (30 days) and nan Paramount+ Channel (seven days) travel pinch a free trial.

Watch Roma vs Inter Live Stream from Abroad

NordVPN for Apple TV.Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Even if you’re extracurricular of nan United States, a virtual backstage web (VPN) hides your IP reside and lets you entree US-only sites arsenic if you’re still physically wrong nan country. There are a ton of disposable VPNs (you tin cheque retired our database of best VPN deals disposable correct now), but NordVPN is simply a bully 1 to cheque retired first. It’s safe, accelerated and comes pinch a 30-day money-back guarantee, truthful you tin effort it retired risk-free.

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