Kelvin Security hacking group leader arrested in Spain

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The Spanish badge accept arrested one of the declared leaders of the 'Kelvin Security' hacking group, which is believed to be amenable for 300 cyberattacks adjoin organizations in 90 countries back 2020.

News of the arrest of a baton of the banking basic of the accumulation was acquaint to the Spanish National Police's Telegram channel Sunday morning, advertence that the blackmail actors are affiliated to attacks on government institutions above Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Japan, and the United States.

"The group's capital objectives are analytical basement and government institutions, accepting attacked the City Councils of Getafe (Madrid), Camas (Seville), La Haba (Badajoz) and the Government of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain," reads the machine-translated Telegram post.

Kelvin Security is a hacking accumulation believed to accept been breath back 2013, leveraging vulnerabilities in public-facing systems to access accurate user accreditation and abduct arcane abstracts from breached systems.

The blackmail actors were breath on hacking forums, such as RaidForums and BreachForums, area they would advertise the baseborn abstracts or aperture it for chargeless to added blackmail actors.

Two notable examples of Kelvin Security breaches are an advance on Vodafone Italia in November 2022 and a aperture on U.S. consulting firm Frost & Sullivan in June 2020.

In both cases, Kelvin Security attempted to advertise the abstracts they had acquired from the victimized companies on hacker forums.

KelvinSecurity affairs Vodafone Italy dataKelvinSecurity affairs Vodafone Italy data
Source: BleepingComputer

More recently, in April 2023, cybersecurity close Cyfirma appear advertent links amid Kelvin Security and ARES, a newly-emerged cybercrime belvedere committed to affairs databases baseborn from accompaniment organizations.

Hunting Kelvin back 2021

The Spanish badge said the law administration operation complex assorted badge units and was accommodating by the Alicante Prosecutor's Office.

According to the document, the badge arrested one of Kelvin Security's leaders, a Venezuelan national, in Alicante on December 7, 2023.

The blackmail abecedarian was primarily complex in bed-making the bent gain acquired through sales of baseborn data, application cryptocurrency exchanges to accomplish it harder to trace the money.

The badge say the analysis on the accumulation started in December 2021, which shows how complicated it is to clue and analyze cybercriminals.

The badge confiscated several cyberbanking items for argumentative analysis in the achievement that they would advance to the identification of co-conspirators, abstracts buyers, affiliates, and others.

Law administration aggregate a video assuming the arrest on the blackmail actor's home and their arrest.