Klipsch takes on Marshall with three new portable and rugged Bluetooth speakers

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Klipsch City Series Bluetooth Speakers.Klipsch

Klipsch has added 3 caller Bluetooth speakers to its lineup, and each has been named aft an American metropolis pinch heavy roots successful music-making. The Klipsch Music City Series includes nan Austin, nan Nashville, and nan Detroit. All 3 speakers person been ruggedized and transportation an IP67 rating, efficaciously making them dustproof and waterproof. You tin wirelessly sync them pinch different Klipsch speakers, and acknowledgment to built-in mics, they tin double arsenic speakerphones. The $99 Austin and $149 Nashville will beryllium disposable successful nan coming weeks, while nan $299 Detroit will get successful 2024.

Klipsch City Series Austin Bluetooth Speaker.Klipsch City Series Austin Bluetooth Speaker. Klipsch

As nan smallest of nan trio, nan 10-watt Austin measures conscionable 4.1 inches per broadside and is only 1.7 inches thick. It sports a azygous 1.5-inch full-frequency driver and 2 passive radiators for bass. On nan back, you’ll find a strap that has been designed to fto you equine nan Austin to a bike’s handlebars, aliases to immoderate different entity that you tin find.

Klipsch City Series Austin Bluetooth Speaker attached to motorcycle handlebars.Klipsch

It weighs successful astatine a scant 14 ounces and its rechargeable artillery lasts a claimed 12 hours erstwhile afloat charged.

Klipsch City Series Nashville Bluetooth Speaker.Klipsch City Series Nashville Bluetooth Speaker. Klipsch

The midsized, 20-watt Nashville has been designed to connection 360-degree sound utilizing 2 opposing 2.25-inch full-range drivers, and 2 3.78-inch x 2.5-inch rectangular passive radiators for bass. It weighs a much important 2.4 pounds, and its soul artillery will springiness you a claimed 24-hours of playtime. Unlike nan smaller Austin, you tin usage nan Nashville’s artillery to complaint your different devices utilizing a USB-C cable.

Klipsch City Series Detroit Bluetooth Speaker.Klipsch City Series Detroit Bluetooth Speaker. Klipsch

The Detroit grabs nan heavyweight position of nan group astatine 5.5 pounds. Klipsch hasn’t released a afloat group of specs for nan Detroit yet, truthful we don’t cognize really galore watts it has, but we do cognize nan driver configuration: 2 3-inch drivers and 2 1-inch tweeters, accompanied by 4 force-canceling passive radiators.

It’s measures 13 inches and its artillery is besides bully for a claimed 24 hours of playtime.

Klipsch Connect app showing settings for nan Klipsch Nashville speaker.Klipsch

All 3 speakers tin beryllium controlled by nan Klipsch Connect app, which gives you power complete EQ, arsenic good arsenic nan expertise to execute firmware updates erstwhile available.

If nan Klipsch Music City Series looks familiar, it’s because it intimately mirrors Marshall’s Willen, Emberton, and Middleton Bluetooth speakers. The dimensions, weight, ruggedness, power, and driver configurations are each very similar, arsenic are nan prices: Marshall asks $120 for nan Willen, $150 for nan Emberton, and $300 for nan Middleton.

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