Kraft Heinz investigates hack claims, says systems ‘operating normally’

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Bottle of Heinz Ketchup successful Russia

Kraft Heinz has confirmed that their systems are operating usually and that location is nary grounds they were breached aft an extortion group listed them connected a information leak site.

Kraft Heinz is 1 of nan world's largest nutrient and beverage companies, pinch complete 37,000 labor operating retired of 40 countries. The institution owns galore well-known brands, including Oscar Mayer, Kool-Aid, Philadelphia, Lunchables, Maxwell House, and galore more.

In a station to Snatch extortion group's information leak tract dated August 16th, but not made visible until today, the threat actors declare that they breached Kraft Heinz.

When extortion groups database a institution connected their information leak sites, it indicates that they stole information successful a cyberattack and would soon leak it if a ransom is not paid.

However, Snatch has not provided impervious of nan breach, pinch nan files conception devoid of screenshots of stolen data.

In a connection to BleepingComputer, Kraft Heinz said they are investigating whether a cyberattack connected a decommissioned trading website is related to Snatch's claims but that they are not experiencing immoderate issues connected their firm network.

"We are reviewing claims that a cyberattack occurred respective months agone connected a decommissioned trading website hosted connected an outer platform, but are presently incapable to verify those claims," a Kraft Heinz spokesperson told BleepingComputer.

"Our soul systems are operating normally, and we presently spot nary grounds of a broader attack."

Snatch, a ransomware pack which launched successful 2018, was 1 of nan first groups to group up a information leak tract to usage stolen information arsenic leverage successful their extortion demands.

In 2021, threat actors known arsenic "Snatch Team" group up a caller information leak site, stating that they were unaffiliated pinch nan erstwhile ransomware group and did not execute encryption attacks.

However, a report by CISA disputes these claims, stating that information from confirmed ransomware victims person appeared connected Snatch Team’s website on pinch information from different ransomware operations’ attacks.