Ladder Life Insurance Review – Term Life Insurance With a Twist

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If you’re looking for an affordable word life security argumentation that you tin get quickly, you request to cheque retired Ladder. Their streamlined online exertion tin person you approved successful a matter of minutes. And according to Ladder, galore applications are approved without a aesculapian exam requirement. Learn much successful our Ladder review.

If you’re looking for an affordable term life security policy that you tin get quickly, you request to cheque retired Ladder.

Their streamlined online exertion tin person you approved successful a matter of minutes. And according to Ladder, galore applications are approved without a aesculapian exam requirement.

In this Ladder review, I’ll fto you cognize what types of policies they offer, cardinal features, who is eligible, and really overmuch you tin expect to pay.

  • Easy to usage online applications
  • No aesculapian exams for up to $3M successful coverage; conscionable reply immoderate health-related questions
  • Adjustable coverage

Introducing Ladder Insurance

Ladder is simply a California-based online life security supplier offering sum done established life security companies.

Founded successful 2015 and launched successful 2017, Ladder’s security partners see Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®, and its affiliate, Ladder Life Insurance Company.

While nan full exertion process is online, you tin get thief from licensed security professionals, if needed, who are happy to help.

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How Ladder Term Life Insurance Works

Ladder only offers word life security policies. Ladder’s ngo is to connection affordable policies pinch velocity and ease. Term life security champion fits that merchandise type.

When applying pinch Ladder, you should beryllium alert nan institution does not connection argumentation riders. These optional further sum provisions supply much benefits but astatine a higher premium. That higher premium is nan logic why Ladder doesn’t connection them.

Ladder’s astir unsocial characteristic is that it allows you to summation aliases alteration your sum arsenic needed.

Laddering Up/Laddering Down


The sanction Ladder hints astatine its astir unsocial characteristic – nan expertise to summation aliases alteration your sum arsenic needed. The process is known arsenic ‘laddering up’ aliases ‘laddering down.’

Existing policyholders tin summation their decease use magnitude arsenic their needs change, taxable to underwriting and approval.

Conversely, if your sum needs decline, you tin trim nan decease benefit. In short, Ladder Life puts you successful complaint of nan policy’s look magnitude and nan premium you’ll pay. You tin petition a alteration to your sum by visiting nan Ladder relationship page.

Laddering your policy, up aliases down, is wholly free. And you tin ladder your argumentation arsenic often arsenic you like. Naturally, nan premium will summation if you ladder up nan argumentation amount. And if you ladder down nan decease benefit, nan premium will decrease.

Term Length Options

Ladder offers position ranging from 10 to 30 years, nan maximum word you tin suffice for, sloppy of age. That said, your property astatine nan clip of exertion whitethorn trim nan maximum word for which you qualify. The maximum rumor property is 60.

Ladder uses a elemental calculation to find nan maximum word magnitude of a policy. Your existent age, positive nan word length, cannot transcend 70. For example, if you’re 40, nan longest word is 30 years (40+30 = 70.) If you’re 50, nan longest word is 20 years (50+20 = 70.)

Ladder policies are underwritten based connected your nearest birthday. For example, if you will beryllium 45 successful 4 months, your property will beryllium considered 45 years, not 44.

Policies are renewable for up to 5 years aft nan guaranteed level premium term. The caller premium will beryllium based connected your property astatine renewal and, therefore, higher, but this is really word life security renewals work.

Ladder Pricing

Like each life security policies, Ladder argumentation premiums dangle connected a operation of factors. Those see your property astatine nan clip of application, wellness condition, occupation, hobbies and pastimes, and moreover geographic location.

We requested accusation for a non-smoking 40-year-old antheral successful fantabulous wellness pinch nary family history of awesome illnesses, and we received nan pursuing quotes for $1 cardinal successful coverage:

  • 10 years – $37.50 per month
  • 15 years – $47.70 per month
  • 20 years – $61.80 per month
  • 25 years – $96.90 per month
  • 30 years – $114.30 per month

We past requested a argumentation for a non-smoking 40-year-old female successful fantabulous wellness pinch nary family history of awesome illnesses, and we received nan pursuing quotes for $1 cardinal successful coverage:

  • 10 years – $35.40 per month
  • 15 years – $46.80 per month
  • 20 years – $52.50 per month
  • 25 years – $77.10 per month
  • 30 years – $88.50 per month

The monthly premiums for men are somewhat higher than for women, which is communal passim nan life security industry. This owes to nan truth that women statistically unrecorded longer than men by respective years.

The premium complaint increases pinch nan word of nan argumentation because nan longer nan term, nan greater nan likelihood nan institution will yet salary nan decease benefit.

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Ladder Maximum Coverage Limits

Ladder sum limits scope from a minimum of $100,000 to a maximum of $8 cardinal (up to $3 cardinal successful CA).

If you use for $3 cardinal aliases less, you won’t person to return a aesculapian exam, conscionable reply wellness questions. Applicants applying for benefits greater than $3 cardinal whitethorn request to taxable to a aesculapian exam.

Policies offered done Ladder person a azygous decease use payout, which is paid successful a lump sum to nan beneficiaries upon nan decease of nan insured.

Unlike immoderate life security companies, location is nary action to administer benefits successful installments aliases done immoderate different payout method.

As mentioned, Ladder does not connection communal life security riders, truthful you won’t person nan expertise to adhd provisions, specified arsenic a spousal rider, an accelerated decease use (living benefits), double indemnity (increased decease use for decease caused by an accident), aliases a conversion proviso that enables you to person nan word argumentation to a permanent, full life argumentation earlier nan word expires.

Ladder Coverage Eligibility

Ladder offers sum for those betwixt nan ages of 20 and 60. If you are complete 60, you’ll request to make an exertion elsewhere.

Each exertion is for a azygous individual, truthful location is nary capacity to use jointly pinch your spouse aliases to adhd your children. Each personification will request to complete a abstracted application.

Policies are disposable only to US citizens and lawful imperishable resident aliens who person lived successful nan US for astatine slightest 2 years. Ladder offers policies successful each 50 states, arsenic good arsenic nan District of Columbia.

Ladder Application Process

The exertion process takes spot online, which helps Ladder support premiums low.

You tin use for sum successful arsenic small arsenic 5 minutes. You will not beryllium required to complete a aesculapian exam for sum up to $3 million.

But for sum supra $3 million, nan support determination whitethorn beryllium delayed respective weeks.

Ladder Underwriting

When completing nan application, Ladder will petition basal information, for illustration your sanction and email address.

In making nan underwriting decision, they’ll besides petition nan pursuing information:

  • Your tallness and weight.
  • The past clip you utilized tobacco aliases nicotine products.
  • Your day of birth.
  • Whether a biologic genitor aliases related has been diagnosed by a expert pinch diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Huntington’s Disease, aliases Lynch Syndrome earlier nan property of 60?
  • Your yearly family income.
  • How galore children do you have?
  • Your remaining owe balance.

Your answers to these and different questions will find your eligibility for life security coverage, arsenic good arsenic nan premium you’ll salary for nan policy.

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Is Ladder Legit?

Ladder Life is simply a morganatic word life security services provider, offering policies successful each 50 US states. The pursuing accusation indicates its financial spot and really it’s perceived wrong nan security manufacture and by its customers.

Financial Strength

Since Ladder is not nan nonstop issuer of nan policies it offers, nan institution is not rated for financial spot by A.M. Best, nan industry’s astir well-recognized security institution standing agency.

But nan ratings for 2 of Ladder’s issuing companies are arsenic follows:

  • Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, A+ (Superior)*
  • Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, A (Excellent)*

Since each of nan companies is rated “A” aliases higher by A.M. Best, each is highly apt to person nan financial spot to salary nan argumentation decease benefit, if necessary.

Ladder’s 3rd issuing institution is its affiliate, Ladder Life Insurance Company. Ladder Life Insurance Company has earned a Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A (Exceptional) from Demotech, Inc. FSRs are a starring parameter of financial stability, providing an nonsubjective baseline of early solvency.

The astir existent FSRs must beryllium verified by visiting

Third-Party Ratings

In summation to financial spot ratings by A.M. Best, we’ve besides considered nan in installments standing of each of nan 3 providers down Ladder. The in installments standing indicates nan company’s expertise to meet its financial obligations and proceed operations arsenic a going concern.

The news present is arsenic bully arsenic it is pinch nan financial spot ratings. The array beneath shows nan in installments ratings of 2 of nan companies from 2 awesome firm in installments information agencies:

Insurance Company / Rating ServiceMoody’sStandard & Poor’s
Allianz Life Insurance Company of New YorkAa3 (4th of 21 ratings)AA (3rd of 21 ratings)
Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®N/AN/A

Customer Service Ratings

Perhaps nan champion parameter of Ladder’s estimation arsenic a life security services supplier is to look astatine nan ratings provided by nan group who woody astir intimately pinch Ladder – its customers.

Ladder has an Excellent Trustpilot score of 4.8/5, based connected complete 2,600 customer reviews. 89% of customers person assigned them a 5-star rating, and only 4% rated them 3 stars aliases fewer.

We could not find a standing for Ladder pinch nan Better Business Bureau. However, nan BBB has an “A+” (highest) standing for Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® and has been agency-accredited since 1990.

There is, however, nary BBB standing for Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, possibly because nan institution is an affiliated organization.

How We Evaluated Ladder Life Insurance

We’ve evaluated Ladder based connected nan argumentation position offered, nan dollar magnitude of nan decease benefits, and nan premiums’ cost. We’ve besides taken into relationship applicant eligibility, arsenic good arsenic nan evident underwriting criteria nan institution uses.

We’ve besides considered third-party accusation astir nan company, including its financial spot and reputation. Finally, we considered factors that make Ladder Life unsocial regarding what niche they capable successful nan security industry.

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Is Ladder a Good Company?

Ladder is 1 of nan champion online life security companies for word insurance. While they don’t connection arsenic galore sum options arsenic different providers (term life only, nary riders), they supply straightforward word sum that’s affordable and easy to use for.

You tin complete nan full process online, and if you’re successful bully health, you apt won’t require a aesculapian exam.

Ladder partners pinch top-notch security companies and tin boast very precocious customer ratings. And their Ladder Up/Down features only adhd to Ladder’s convenience.

Of course, if you autumn extracurricular Ladder’s qualifying criteria, i.e., complete 60, want universal aliases full life insurance, aliases require specialized sum via security riders, past Ladder is not for you.

The bottommost statement is if you meet Ladder’s property requirements and are of bully health, it’s 1 of nan champion places to get word life security – which is what nan immense mostly of American adults need.

How We Review Insurance Companies: 

Good Financial Cents systematically reviews U.S. security companies, emphasizing argumentation offerings, customer experiences, and wide reliability.

Our extremity is to coming a balanced and broad position to imaginable policyholders. Editorial transparency remains a cornerstone of our approach.

We actively cod accusation from security companies and spot important weight connected customer feedback. By integrating this feedback pinch our research, we tin connection a well-rounded evaluation.

Each institution is past rated based connected aggregate criteria, resulting successful a prima standing from 1 to five.

For a deeper knowing of nan criteria we usage to complaint security companies and our information approach, please mention to our editorial guidelines and afloat disclaimer. 


Product Name: Ladder Life Insurance

Product Description: Ladder is simply a life security services supplier that offers word life security policies to consumers. It was founded successful 2015 and is headquartered successful Palo Alto, CA.

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Ladder offers word life security sum of betwixt $100K to $8M pinch nary aesculapian exams for sum up to $3M (just reply health-related questions). Adjust sum anytime.

  • Cost and Fees
  • Customer Service
  • User Experience
  • Product Offerings


  • Offers adjustable word life security ranging from 10 to 30 years successful 5-year increments.
  • The institution has a user-friendly website and offers a scope of online devices and resources to thief consumers understand and comparison different life security options.
  • Offers nary aesculapian exam sum up to $3M, which whitethorn beryllium a bully action for individuals who are incapable aliases unwilling to acquisition a aesculapian exam arsenic portion of nan exertion process. 


  • No-exam life security policies are typically much costly than accepted life security policies
  • May not beryllium nan champion action for individuals pinch pre-existing wellness conditions aliases different consequence factors
  • Do not connection riders connected their security policies specified as: Accidental decease and dismemberment (AD&D) rider, waiver of premium rider, aliases return of premium rider.

*Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York has been rated A+ (Superior) affirmed October 2021 and Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® has been rated A (Excellent) based connected an study of financial position and operating performance, by A.M. Best Company, an independent expert of nan security industry. For nan latest rating, access

Ladder Insurance Services, LLC (CA licence # 0K22568; AR licence # 3000140372) offers word life security policies: (i) successful California, connected behalf of its affiliate, Ladder Life Insurance Company, Menlo Park, CA (policy shape # P-LL100CA); (ii) successful New York, connected behalf of Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, New York, NY (policy shape # MN-26); and (iii) Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®, Kansas City, MO (policy shape # ICC17-M-1069, M-1069 and argumentation # TL-146) successful nan District of Columbia and each states isolated from New York and California. Only Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York is authorized to rumor life security successful nan authorities of New York.  Insurance argumentation prices, coverages, features, terms, benefits, exclusions, limitations, and disposable discounts alteration among these insurers and are taxable to qualifications.  Each insurer is solely responsible for immoderate claims and has financial work for its ain products.