Latest Apple TV beta adds search via the remote’s Siri button

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The Siri button apparent on an Apple TV remote.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Apple TV 4K is still the best alive device you can buy, but there’s additionally one button the alien I about never columnist on purpose. But that may assuredly be about to change.

In the latest developer beta for the tvOS platform, Apple has added a wee bit of functionality to the Siri button on the ancillary of the Siri Voice remote. (That’s the little button on the right-hand ancillary that has a microphone on it.) In the assembly software — that is, what best association are active today — beat the button activates Siri, basically the aforementioned as if she were on your phone. Say “Ted Lasso” and it’ll booty you beeline into the Ted Lasso appearance on Apple TV+ in the Apple TV app on your Apple TV 4K. Say “Opeth,” and it’ll alpha arena Opeth on Apple Music.

(That wording, by the way, is my again admonition to Apple that application the aforementioned name for a exceptional alive service, and the aforementioned name for the app in which that account resides, and the aforementioned name for the accouterments on which you will acquisition both of those things, is decidedly silly.)

A new chase affection on Apple TV 4K.Pressing the Siri button on the alien now opens a chase box in some apps. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

But in the latest developer beta — which is not final software by any agency and is accountable to change — acute the button already opens up a chase box on your television screen, and activates the microphone. You’re encouraged to allege your query, which will again attending up after-effects above accurate apps, and again you accept area to go from there.

For now, unsurprisingly, things assume to be appealing absolute aural Apple’s apps. This all works from the home awning and appears to chase above assorted apps — “Search Movies, Shows and More,” it says. It works aural the Apple TV app and invites you to “Search TV.” Pressing it aural the Apple Music app invites you to “Search music.” Pressing it in YouTube TV or Hulu … does nothing. That’s not a surprise, accustomed that this affection is allotment of the developer beta and not in absolution software. (It additionally doesn’t yet assignment in Photos, Podcasts, or Arcade.)

Long-pressing the microphone button, by the way, still activates Siri as before, throughout all apps.

Again, this is all accountable to change. (And in the aback of my arch it has me apprehensive if Apple will change the microphone button on the alien to a chase button instead.) But for now? It’s a fun little addition, alongside the beta changes to the Apple TV app itself.

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