Leaked memo: Microsoft employees should be using Copilot too

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While blasting customers pinch nan committedness of AI, Microsoft is now telling its labor to tiptoe into nan brave caller world too.

In a connection seen by Business Insider, Microsoft is trying to seduce staff, including developers, that upping their usage of AI is simply a bully thing.

A memo sent by Microsoft's Strategic Missions and Technologies statement confirms an soul aviator was tally to up AI usage internally. The business besides held a bid of hackathons to pass unit of nan champion ways to deploy AI.

Frank Shaw, a spokesperson for Microsoft, says nan roll-out crossed nan workforce is astir done - meaning much than 220,000 trial victims are group to extol nan virtues of AI arsenic a productivity aid. Or possibly not.

Microsoft, for illustration its tech megacorp peers, has placed a large stake connected AI. The hype astir nan exertion has driven its valuation to caller highs, though that has yet to construe into likewise stratospheric revenues. Microsoft's astir recent results near markets unimpressed contempt nan institution registering double-digit maturation successful galore areas.

Executives steered clear of specifics astir nan publication of AI to its bottommost statement during a telephone to talk nan latest quarterly results.

The Redmond elephantine besides unveiled immoderate eye-watering pricing for its Copilot tools. In November 2023, it announced that Microsoft 365 Copilot would costs E3 aliases E5 subscribers different $30 per personification per month, pinch a minimum acquisition of 300 seats. That minimum was removed successful January, and nan institution besides announced Copilot Pro for Microsoft 365 Personal aliases Family subscribers for a specified $20 per month.

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To put that costs into context, Microsoft 365 Personal tin beryllium purchased for $6.99 per month.

The institution is not unsocial successful its efforts to recoup immoderate of its AI investment. On February 8, Google announced that users would beryllium capable to entree its "most tin AI model" successful nan shape of Gemini Advanced. Naturally, Google makes each nan accustomed claims astir its work – thief for coding, an adjunct for creatives, aliases a individual tutor – but besides wants payment. Gemini Advanced is portion of Google's $19.99 per period Google One AI Premium Plan.

That Microsoft should beryllium rolling retired its AI services to its soul teams is not surprising, but nan timing is interesting. Readers mightiness person reasonably expected Microsoft to beryllium immoderate measurement past nan aviator shape by now, peculiarly considering really difficult it is pushing AI services to customers.

The Register asked Microsoft to corroborate precisely really wide nan usage of Copilot and different AI technologies is wrong nan company. ®