Lenovo wants to create your own personal ‘AI twin’

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A descent from a Lenovo property arena talking astir nan AI Twin.Fionna Agomuoh / Digital Trends

Lenovo showcased its advancement and aspirations astatine its Tech World 2023 keynote connected Tuesday, announcing its “AI for All” concept, which is aimed astatine spreading AI goodness to arsenic galore commercialized and individual spaces arsenic possible. But nan thought of an “AI twin” was what caught my attraction astir arsenic an attendee.

Yes, nan thought of a institution creating an AI copy of you online sounds downright disturbing — but don’t worry, successful believe it’s not arsenic creepy arsenic it mightiness appear. The wide thought is for an AI adjunct that has “in-depth knowledge” of you and, perhaps, your company, which will let it to execute intelligent tasks connected your behalf.

In galore ways, Lenovo’s individual AI copy useful identically to immoderate AI assistant. With nan information it gathers from from a user’s individual device, it will expect your needs and connection solutions, proactively and independently, Lenovo CEO nan Yuanqing said astatine nan Tech World keynote.

Lenovo's individual AI copy demo.Fionna Agomuoh

The marque demoed nan tool, comparing really it could draught an itinerary for a travel to Sweden for a circumstantial clip framework successful little than 150 words against a modular AI assistant. While nan modular AI adjunct gave a generic scheme that it mightiness make for anyone, Lenovo’s individual AI copy generated a travel schedule based connected nan user’s individual tastes, including giving nan champion airports to alert retired of, suggesting circumstantial restaurants, and giving elaborate activities to do while traveling.

That mightiness sound invasive from a information privateness standpoint, but Lenovo intends for nan instrumentality to person a beardown attraction connected information privacy, pinch nan AI only learning astir nan things you want it to learn, Yong Rui, Lenovo’s main exertion officer, told journalists astatine nan event. As PCs go much inundated pinch artificial intelligence and on-device processing of AI, an AI copy is location to thief users power nan travel of their backstage information connected nan web.

Lenovo envisions a instrumentality that ensures information is ne'er sent to nan nationalist cloud, unless you springiness authorization. The instrumentality functions utilizing nationalist databases, but does not extract from users’ information to train nationalist models. The encroaching connected users’ private data for nationalist and firm depletion has been an ongoing interest astir nan quickly processing AI abstraction that isn’t stopping immoderate clip soon.

The individual AI copy effort is still successful a improvement shape and nan institution has yet to determine really it will coming nan tool, whether it beryllium an app aliases different experience. Ultimately, it will beryllium up to customers, Rui said.

Either way, for illustration truthful galore tech companies these days, Lenovo surely seems all-in connected embracing AI pinch unfastened arms.

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