LG’s stunning rival to Samsung’s 55-inch Frame TV is $300 off today

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LG Objet Posé OLED TV.LG

One of nan much tempting TV deals astir for anyone who wants a supremely stylish TV that besides looks amazing, LG has $300 disconnected its unique LG Objet Collection Pose OLED TV. Usually priced astatine $2,000, nan 55-inch exemplary is down to $1,700 for a constricted clip erstwhile you bargain nonstop from LG pinch nan $300 discount making it instantly much tempting. If you’re successful nan marketplace for a caller TV and want thing a small different, you’re going to emotion this. Take a look beneath astatine what we person to opportunity astir it.

Why you should bargain nan LG 55-inch Objet Collection Pose OLED TV

With LG being 1 of nan best TV brands around, particularly erstwhile it comes to OLED TVs, you can’t spell incorrect erstwhile buying nan LG 55-inch Objet Collection Pose OLED TV. Self-lit pixels mean that you get nan deepest blacks and nan astir vibrant colors possible, each wrong 1 segment pinch everything you’re looking astatine genuinely popping connected screen.

With nan LG 55-inch Objet Collection Pose OLED TV, you get nan aforesaid Brightness Booster exertion that immoderate of nan best OLED TVs provide, meaning you get much luminance nary matter wherever you spot nan TV. The latest a9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K ensures that nan TV is tin of automatically adjusting your settings truthful you get nan champion image and sound acquisition astatine each times, each based connected what you’re watching.

The TV besides has cardinal features for cinematic style viewing for illustration Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG support, arsenic good arsenic Cinema HDR. For sound, there’s Dolby Atmos support arsenic good arsenic AI Acoustic Tuning and Clear Voice Pro, while LG’s awesome Filmmaker Mode and Game Mode automatically footwear successful arsenic needed, redeeming you plentifulness of effort. Specific gaming technologies for illustration Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync, adaptable refresh rates, ALLM, and HGiG each heighten nan acquisition arsenic you play.

However, nan astir iconic point astir nan LG 55-inch Objet Collection Pose OLED TV is its style. Having been showcased astatine Milan Design Week successful 2022, it has a gorgeous beige cloth framework which makes it cosy and soft looking, while rounded edges besides adhd to nan class. Placed connected an easel of sorts, it looks much for illustration a activity of creation than your mean TV. That makes consciousness because you tin really usage it to show useful of creation if you want, while nan backmost has a media support for storing books, magazines and more. It’s a existent trim supra nan remainder successful position of practicality compared to nan best TVs.

Stunning successful each way, nan LG 55-inch Objet Collection Pose OLED TV ordinarily costs $2,000. Right now, you tin bargain it nonstop from LG for $1,700 truthful you prevention $300. A gorgeous summation to your surviving space, you’ll emotion everything astir nan LG 55-inch Objet Collection Pose OLED TV. Buy it now earlier nan woody ends soon.

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