Light No Fire: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

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Hello Games burst onto nan segment erstwhile it debuted its first task No Man’s Sky, at nan aged Spike Game Awards. That makes it fitting that nan studio’s adjacent task was besides revealed astatine nan caller loop of nan awards show, The Game Awards 2023. Light No Fire may not beryllium trying to recreate nan full beingness for illustration its predecessor, and instead, it is remaining grounded connected Earth, though it appears to beryllium conscionable arsenic ambitious. The displacement from sci-fi to imagination opens up a marque caller avenue for Hello Games to research pinch caller systems and mechanics. Of course, fixed nan history of No Man’s Sky‘s pre-release trading and misleading statements connected what was and was not imaginable astatine launch, immoderate are a small weary of buying successful excessively early. Here’s everything we cognize for judge astir Light No Fire.

Release day speculation

A dragon flying toward a mysterious sphere.Hello Games

There is nary confirmed merchandise day aliases model for Light No Fire. Hello Games has suggested that it doesn’t want an overly agelong trading rhythm for this title, truthful it is imaginable it could travel retired successful 2024, but we will person to await an charismatic announcement.


Player riding a dragon successful Light No Fire.Hello Games / Hello Games

Light No Fire was besides revealed pinch nary platforms listed. However, a Steam page for nan crippled has already gone live, each but confirming a PC release. If we had to guess, it seems for illustration a safe stake to presume this title will motorboat connected some PS5 and Xbox Series consoles alongside PC.

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The announcement trailer for Light No Fire overviews galore features and mechanics of nan game. We study that it will beryllium group successful a wholly procedural “fantasy Earth” pinch various mythical creatures for illustration skeletons and dragons roaming nan various biomes. Beyond showcasing various landscapes, thing astir a communicative was hinted astatine here. It apt won’t beryllium a main focus, but we fishy location will beryllium immoderate overarching extremity for players to activity toward, akin to getting to nan halfway of nan beingness successful No Man’s Sky.


Fantasy dudes building houses.Hello Games

Everything from nan announcement trailer was in-game footage, albeit heavy cut. Still, galore mechanics and features did guidelines out. First, Light No Fire will beryllium a wholly unfastened world, a co-op acquisition connected a generated planet. Survival elements for illustration gathering wood and building structures look to beryllium a awesome component. Each subordinate will create their ain civilization characteristic but aren’t constricted to conscionable being human. We haven’t seen it successful action yet, but you will beryllium capable to create animal characters for illustration foxes, rabbits, wolves, and more.

Multiplayer is simply a cardinal facet of Light No Fire, and appears to beryllium attempting a akin MMO-style attack arsenic No Man’s Sky, wherever you will ever beryllium capable to brushwood and squad up pinch different players while playing.

Mounts were besides featured heavily, pinch some horse-like creatures and moreover dragons disposable to hop aboard and traverse nan land. How you tin get these mounts, and what different types, is still unknown.

The combat was only concisely trim to successful 2 speedy shots, but we do spot some beard and front and arrow combat. Other shots show spears and shields, truthful location will beryllium much limb options, though we are funny arsenic to whether location will beryllium immoderate magic.


With nary denotation of erstwhile Light No Fire will beryllium complete, nary accusation connected pre-orders will travel later on. We will support you updated connected each nan latest, but you tin already adhd nan crippled to your wishlist connected Steam arsenic well.

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