Like Jodie Foster in True Detective: Night Country? Then watch these three great thrillers now

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A female intends her weapon successful The Brave One.Warner Bros.

It’s not moreover nan extremity of February and there’s already a beardown contender for champion TV show of nan year: True Detective: Night Country. The HBO show, shifts to Alaska this season, is 1 of nan astir celebrated and critically acclaimed bid truthful acold successful 2024, pinch much viewers turning successful each week to find retired really and why a group of scientists ventured semi-naked retired into nan freezing acold to beryllium slaughtered by a mysterious force.

Part of nan logic for nan show’s renewed fame is nan beingness and capacity of Jodie Foster, 1 of nan astir respected movie actresses of nan past 5 decades, who is starring successful her first TV bid since 1974’s Paper Moon. While Foster isn’t a TV veteran, she’s established herself successful nan thriller genre pinch specified films arsenic The Accused and The Silence of The Lambs, some of which netted her Academy Awards for Best Actress. For fans of Foster and Night Country, present are 3 of nan actress’ champion thrillers that don’t impact Hannibal Lecter.

Panic Room (2002)

A man tries to break into a room pinch 2 women successful Panic Room.Columbia Pictures

It’s a testament to David Fincher’s profession that Panic Room, an above-average thriller that would beryllium a item connected immoderate different director’s résumé, ranks debased connected The Killer helmer’s filmography. It’s still good worthy watching, if only to spot Foster successful her 2000s premier arsenic Meg Altman, a precocious divided female who, on pinch her diabetic teenage daughter, Sarah, gets trapped successful nan titular enclosed abstraction by a mysterious group of location invaders headed by a pre-Joker Jared Leto.

Panic Room lasts 112 minutes, and almost each infinitesimal is filled pinch a consciousness of dread and suspense. Fincher flexes his accustomed stylistic muscles pinch nan assistance of awesome camera activity by Conrad Hall and Darius Khondji and a memorable people from Howard Shore, but its Foster, particularly successful her scenes pinch Stewart, who really makes nan movie worthy a watch. Often playing scenes pinch only herself, Foster is ne'er little than mesmerizing to watch, thing that has continued passim nan years and is presently connected show successful Night Country.

Panic Room can beryllium rented aliases purchased astatine integer vendors for illustration Amazon Prime Video.

The Brave One (2007)

A female speaks to a detective successful The Brave One.Warner Bros.

When The Brave One was released successful 2007, it was promoted arsenic a loose remake of nan Charles Bronson 1970s revenge classical Death Wish, pinch Foster assuming nan domiciled of an municipality vigilante. In nan movie, Foster stars arsenic Erica Bain, a power big who witnesses her fiancé get brutally beaten to decease successful New York City. Fueled pinch rage, Erica arms herself pinch an forbidden weapon and wages a one-woman warfare against crime.

The Brave One isn’t for everyone, and its gun-happy authorities haven’t aged excessively well, but it doesn’t precisely condone Erica’s criminal activities either. Foster was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance, and it’s easy to spot why — you bargain Erica’s condolences and request for unit to easiness her pain. It’s not a pleasant movie, but The Brave One is ne'er boring, and that’s mostly owed to its lead actress.

The Brave One can beryllium rented aliases purchased astatine integer vendors for illustration Amazon Prime Video.

Inside Man (2006)

A female talks to an aged man successful Inside Man.Universal Pictures

A slope robbery, immoderate stolen diamonds, and a concealed making love backmost to World War II — these are nan elements that substance Spike Lee’s twisty thriller Inside Man, and that shape nan ground for 1 of nan champion suspense movies of nan past 20 years. Denzel Washington stars arsenic Detective Keith Frazier, who is assigned to discuss pinch a group of slope robbers headed by Dalton Russell (A Murder astatine nan End of nan World‘s Clive Owen), who opens nan movie by proclaiming he’s committed nan cleanable heist.

This isn’t an mean slope robbery, though, arsenic Jodie Foster’s Madeleine White arrives connected nan scene, having been hired by nan bank’s ultra-rich owner, Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), to protect contents successful a safe deposit container hidden heavy wrong nan bank. Is Dalton aft those contents? And if so, what secrets do they contain? Foster takes a uncommon supporting domiciled successful Inside Man, but her fewer scenes guidelines retired arsenic immoderate of nan film’s best. It’s nan benignant of capacity that’s measured successful impact, not minutes, and Foster makes a sizeable belief each infinitesimal she’s connected screen.

Inside Man is streaming connected Peacock.

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