Like Netflix’s hit series One Day? Then watch these three great rom-coms shows right now

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen February 13, 2024 5:30AM

A man writes down thing for a woman successful One Day.Netflix

There’s thing rather arsenic satisfying arsenic a soapy, melodramatic romanticist comedy. The bad ones are often still supremely watchable, and plentifulness of rom-coms beryllium to beryllium overmuch amended than conscionable plain bad. If you’ve been watching One Day connected Netflix, you should cognize that it’s acold from nan only bid to bargain nan rom-com look that useful truthful good astatine nan movies.

We’ve selected immoderate different awesome TV rom-coms that beryllium arsenic bully reminders that emotion is real, and for each of its galore difficulties, falling successful emotion pinch personification tin beryllium beautiful great. And, because these are TV shows and not movies, galore of these rom-coms let for much than conscionable a azygous complication to create betwixt their cardinal characters.

You’re nan Worst (2014-2019)

You're nan Worst | Official Series Trailer | FX

A awesome show astir unspeakable people, You’re nan Worst follows a couple’s evolution, moreover arsenic we instantly understand that some of them are supremely messed up. Jimmy, a British writer who has struggled to nutrient thing group really want to read, meets Gretchen, a struggling supplier pinch beautiful terrible depression.

The show’s brilliant is successful its willingness to fto its cardinal characters beryllium unspeakable to 1 another, which makes nan moments erstwhile they really negociate to beryllium location for 1 different each nan much special. The show’s 2nd season, successful particular, which focuses connected depression, is 1 of nan astir beautifully performed and written arcs successful caller TV history.

You’re nan Worst is streaming connected Hulu.

Jane nan Virgin (2014-2019)

Telling nan communicative of a young female whose life is torn asunder erstwhile she is artificially inseminated by mistake, Jane nan Virgin is a show astir nan measurement life deviates from nan people you group for it. Featuring plentifulness of elements that will punctual viewers of awesome telenovelas, Jane nan Virgin has an unthinkable consciousness of humor, and its formed features a heavy bench.

The show made immoderate arguable choices complete nan people of its five-season run, but now that it’s been complete for respective years, astir fans look backmost astatine nan series, and Jane’s galore romanticist ups and downs, pinch thing but fond memories.

Jane nan Virgin is streaming connected Netflix.

High Fidelity (2020)

HIGH FIDELITY Official Trailer (HD) Zoe Kravitz

Based connected nan caller and movie of nan aforesaid name, High Fidelity tells nan communicative of a grounds shop head successful New York who uses her knowledge of euphony to understand her emotion life. Thanks to a superb cardinal capacity from The Batman‘s Zoe Kravitz, arsenic good arsenic a top-tier supporting cast, High Fidelity manages to consciousness for illustration nan uncommon TV rom-com wherever each of nan affectional thumps really make immoderate magnitude of sense.

While nan show was cruelly canceled aft conscionable a azygous season, High Fidelity remains a precocious watermark for nan rom-com connected TV. It’s a show that very overmuch believes successful love, but besides knows that there’s nary specified point arsenic a fairy communicative ending.

High Fidelity is streaming connected Hulu.

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Joe Allen

Joe Allen is simply a freelance writer based successful upstate New York focused connected movies and TV.

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