Like the hit Netflix documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer? Then watch these 3 great docs right now

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Dave Kroupa successful Lover, Stalker, Killer.Netflix

True crime documentaries almost ever play good connected Netflix, but Lover, Stalker, Killer is nan uncommon doc to onshore connected apical of the astir celebrated movies connected Netflix. One of nan reasons why whitethorn beryllium that it features nan man astatine nan halfway of nan story, Dave Kroupa, arsenic some a subordinate and an character successful nan reenactments of his ain story. As Kroupa relates it, he was casually making love Shanna Elizabeth “Liz” Golyar earlier besides seeing Cari Farver. And erstwhile Kroupa’s narration pinch Farver went sour, he received galore threats and harassing messages from her. But there’s acold much to nan communicative than that.

Unlike galore different Netflix existent crime stories, Lover, Stalker, Killer is only a characteristic magnitude documentary. If you liked this movie and you’re looking for your adjacent existent crime binge, past these 3 documentaries are nan ones you should watch next.

American Nightmare

Promo creation of a female from Netflix's American Nightmare.Netflix

If you’ve ever seen nan fantabulous David Fincher movie Gone Girl, than nan real-life lawsuit of Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins whitethorn sound familiar. American Nightmare recounts nan 2015 location penetration incident successful which Huskins was kidnapped and Quinn was forced to enactment quiet. Police instantly suspected Huskins of sidesplitting his girlfriend. And erstwhile Quinn returned live and comparatively unharmed, nan mates was accused of faking nan full ordeal.

Unfortunately for Huskins and Quinn, nan media believed nan constabulary representatives who formed suspicion connected them. But nan existent communicative has twists that nan original investigators overlooked. And they besides uncover that this surviving nightmare that nan mates went done was only nan beginning.

Watch American Nightmare on Netflix.

My Lover, My Killer

One of nan couples featured successful nan documentary My Lover, My Killer.Netflix

The British documentary series, My Lover, My Killer, features 10 different couples whose relationships ran basking and cold. Tragically, each of nan relationships featured connected nan show ended successful murder.

The astir striking point astir this show are nan victims who couldn’t foresee ever being killed by their partners, moreover erstwhile location were reddish flags successful nan relationships. If they had been capable to, possibly their stories wouldn’t person ended truthful tragically.

Watch My Lover, My Killer on Netflix.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

 The Family Next Door.Netflix

To a definite extent, each home execution stories go difficult to watch erstwhile they recount nan sadistic destiny of nan victims. American Murder: The Family Next Door is nary exception. This movie covers nan Watts family murders from 2018 by slow piecing together a image of nan family and nan events starring up to their deaths.

As this documentary demonstrates, nan portrayal of these crimes successful nan media doesn’t ever lucifer nan specifications shared by nan family of nan victims aliases moreover their killer. It’s besides unsettling to study really nan victims died and why, arsenic good arsenic what was done to their bodies successful nan aftermath.

Watch American Murder: The Killer Next Door on Netflix.

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