Like Wonka? Then watch these three great movies just like it

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen December 17, 2023 5:00AM

A Willy Wonka prequel isn’t thing we whitethorn person known we wanted, but now that Wonka is here, galore group are excited astir nan caller movie. If you’ve seen it and are looking for different properties that will springiness you nan aforesaid feeling, you’re successful luck.

We’ve built a database of sweet, silly movies that are sentimental without becoming saccharine for you to enjoy. These movies whitethorn not characteristic nan celebrated chocolatier (although you could evidently watch nan different filmed adaptations of Charlie and nan Chocolate Factory if you want to). Still, they will springiness you each nan aforesaid feelings that Wonka does erstwhile you watch them.

Paddington 2 (2017)

Anyone who has not caught Wonka director Paul King’s past effort is successful for a awesome treat. Both Paddington movies are excellent, but this 2nd installment is truthful afloat of bosom and joyousness that moreover nan astir cynical spectator is going to consciousness their bosom slow melting.

Following nan titular carnivore arsenic he gets caught up successful a theatrical villain’s quest for a uncommon pop-up book, Paddington 2 is astir nan bravery and necessity of being benignant to those astir you, and nan measurement that kindness tin resound and echo.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

One of Wes Anderson’s champion movies besides happens to beryllium his astir kid-friendly and wholesome effort. Adapted from a book of nan aforesaid name, nan movie follows its titular characteristic arsenic he breaks a committedness to his woman and originates to ambush nan farms of nan farmers astir him. When they retaliate, Mr. Fox has to face his ain animalistic instincts and get imaginative successful bid to find a measurement retired of his predicament.

The movie is filled pinch nan benignant of trade that makes Wes Anderson specified a delight to behold, but it’s besides a reasonably winsome, but analyzable look astatine what keeps a long-running matrimony ticking.

Big Fish (2003)

Tim Burton whitethorn not beryllium known for his sentimentality, but Big Fish is almost for illustration nan objection that proves nan rule. This film, which tells nan communicative of a boy trying to link to his dying begetter done nan gangly tales he tells astir his ain life, effortlessly blurs nan statement betwixt imagination and reality, creating thing that feels for illustration neither and both.

Big Fish is anchored by fantabulous performances from Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Albert Finney, and we’ll beryllium shocked if it doesn’t time off you astatine slightest a small choked up by nan clip it’s over.

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