Linux Kernel of the Beast 6.6.6 exorcised by angelic 6.6.7 update

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The kernel 6.6.6 type number delighted galore a black-clad unfastened root fan, but not for long. It's already been replaced pinch a much neighborly 6.6.7.

At nan extremity of October, Linux type 6.6 came out, and conscionable complete a mates of weeks later, it became nan latest long-term supported release. It's not ever nan case, but successful caller years it's been communal for nan past complete point-release of nan twelvemonth to beryllium declared a unchangeable merchandise that will get respective years of updates. This besides intends that August's kernel 6.5, released connected nan project's 32nd birthday, is now astatine nan extremity of its life. After 13 constituent releases, it won't beryllium getting immoderate more.

Stable kernel supremo Greg Kroah-Hartman released type 6.6.5 past Friday, pinch complete 100 changes. One of these was nan aforesaid problematic back-port that besides affected kernel 6.1.66, arsenic we reported earlier this week. A alteration to Wi-Fi handling depended connected an earlier alteration that wasn't included successful kernel 6.1.66 and led to nan very accelerated merchandise of 6.1.67, pinch nan wireless-breaking alteration removed again.

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The aforesaid problem affected merchandise 6.6.5, and conscionable arsenic successful nan older unchangeable kernel series, nan alteration was removed again nan pursuing moving day. Monday (December 11) saw nan merchandise of nan satanically important kernel 6.6.6, backing retired conscionable that azygous alteration from nan erstwhile version. That made rather a fewer redditors very happy, though Hacker News commenters were less delighted. The omens were location to beryllium seen, moreover back successful October erstwhile 6.6 appeared.

But now comes nan bad news for each nan spooky kids retired there: nan kernel base nan Mark of nan Beast didn't past agelong astatine all. By Wednesday (13 December), it had been superseded by kernel 6.6.7. This is simply a overmuch bigger release, pinch 268 files changed, and a hefty changelog, which by our count has 7,562 lines.

With specified a short model of opportunity, it's nary wonderment location wasn't an update and re-release of Ubuntu Satanic Edition. ®