Liverpool vs Burnley live stream: Can you watch for free?

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Tim Keeney

By Tim Keeney February 9, 2024 6:00PM

Following a disappointing consequence past weekend, Liverpool look to get backmost connected way erstwhile they return connected Burnley Saturday astatine Anfield. The Reds stay atop nan Premier League but their lead complete Man City and Arsenal has shrunk to 2 points, while Burnley are 7 points distant from escaping nan relegation area and frankincense desperately hoping for a affirmative consequence here.

The lucifer starts astatine 10:00 a.m. ET connected Saturday and will beryllium televised connected USA Network successful nan U.S. As such, we person a bunch of different unrecorded watercourse options and moreover respective ways to watch nan lucifer for free.

The Best Way to Watch Liverpool vs Burnley

The Sling TV logo against a achromatic background.Sling

We’ll commencement pinch a non-free option, but a inexpensive semipermanent option. Sling TV doesn’t travel pinch a free trial, but it’s an already inexpensive streaming work that is presently having a waste of $25 disconnected for your first month. That intends you tin get nan “Sling Blue” transmission package–which comes pinch 39 channels, including USA Network–for conscionable $15 for nan first period (and $40 per period aft that).

Additionally, you tin propulsion successful nan “News Extra” add-on (normally $6 per month) for free for nan first month. That includes CNBC, which will sometimes person Premier League games. And hey, while you’re astatine it, you mightiness arsenic good adhd successful nan “Paramount+ With SHOWTIME” add-on (normally $10 per month), which is besides free for nan first month, and watch Roma vs Inter connected Saturday on pinch each different Serie A match.

Is There a Free Liverpool vs Burnley Live Stream?

FuboTV app icon connected Apple TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you don’t want each of those fancy first-month deals and conscionable want to watch Liverpool vs Burnley for free without worrying astir thing else, past Fubo is surely nan measurement to go. With nan Fubo “Pro” scheme (that’s their guidelines plan), you’ll get entree to 180-plus live-TV channels, including USA Network, arsenic good arsenic 1,000 hours of unreality DVR abstraction successful lawsuit you want to watch nan lucifer later. The Fubo free trial will past you 7 days.

There are a mates of different ways you tin go, too, arsenic some nan YouTube TV “Base Plan” and DirecTV Stream “Entertainment” scheme see USA Network and travel pinch a five-day free trial.

Other Ways to Watch nan Liverpool vs Burnley Live Stream

App icons for Disney+, Hulu and ESPN.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Say you want to want to watch nan Premier League successful summation to different immense big-time shot leagues, past Hulu With Live TV is simply a bully choice. There’s nary free trial, but it includes 75-plus live-TV channels, including USA Network, and comes bundled pinch Disney+ and ESPN+ each for $77 per month. The second includes tons of different unrecorded sports, including Bundesliga, La Liga, Copa del Rey and different home shot leagues from astir nan world.

How to Watch nan Liverpool vs Burnley Live Stream from Abroad

NordVPN moving connected a MacBook Pro.NordVPN

If you’re retired of nan state and looking to usage 1 of nan aforementioned streaming services (most of which are restricted to US-only), past you’ll request to usage a virtual backstage network, aliases VPN. A VPN masks your IP reside and allows you to link to a server successful nan US, making it look arsenic though you’re physically located there. NordVPN would beryllium our recommendation. It has 6,000-plus servers to take from, which is cardinal to accelerated streaming speeds, and it comes pinch a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t for illustration it.

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