Logitech’s new Pro X peripherals are stunning, but I only recommend one of them

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Logitech's Pro 2 gaming peripherals.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Logitech gave its Pro bid of gaming peripherals a refresh. We person nan Pro X Superlight 2 mouse, nan Pro X TKL keyboard, and nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed headset. But aft utilizing each 3 for complete a week, I’ve concluded that there’s only 1 worthy buying.

Logitech’s gaming peripherals are traditionally expensive, and immoderate products genuinely meet nan expectations group by their price, specified arsenic nan G915 TKL. The caller scope doesn’t rather deed that mark, short of nan Pro X Superlight 2 mouse, which hasn’t near my table since it showed up.

An exceptional gaming mouse

The $160 Pro X Superlight 2 rodent doesn’t look for illustration much. You could stack it up correct adjacent to an original Pro X Superlight and spot fundamentally nary differences. Both mice person nan aforesaid look and design, and they’re disposable successful nan aforesaid colors. So, why should you bargain nan Pro X Superlight 2, particularly now that nan original exemplary is connected sale?

All nan changes are inside. The rodent packs nan Hero 2 sensor, which bumps nan Dots Per Inch (DPI) scope from 25,000 up to 32,000. That allows it to scope a higher maximum velocity of complete 500 Inches Per Second (IPS), owed to some nan caller 2,000Hz polling complaint and nan other delicate sensor.

Logitech's Pro X 2 Superlight gaming mouse.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The consequence of these changes is simply a rodent that feels very responsive. That’s usually not a large concern, particularly if you already ain 1 of nan best gaming mice connected nan market, but nan Pro X Superlight 2 is remarkably good equipped to grip nan speedy flicks required by competitory games. With nan ray weight of only 60 grams, arsenic good arsenic nan resistance-free PTFE feet, nan Pro X Superlight 2 glides crossed your table sloppy of if you’re searching nan cosmos successful Starfield or getting down and soiled in Rainbow Six Siege. 

It’s each nan ways nan Pro X Superlight 2 isn’t a gaming rodent that has kept it connected my desk, though. First is RGB, aliases rather, nan deficiency of it. Slap immoderate lights connected immoderate device, and it’s automatically a “gaming” device. The Pro X Superlight 2 ignores that tired trend.

You could spell weeks without charging nan Pro X Super 2.

That’s fine. The modular achromatic version looks a small boring, but nan achromatic and magenta colour options look fantastic, adding plentifulness of gamer flair to your setup. Then there’s nan Pro X Superlight 2’s insane artillery life. Logitech says it will past 95 hours, but you’ll apt get overmuch much life retired of a azygous charge.

Logitech quotes nan artillery life for nan instrumentality being successful motion. That intends it lasts 95 hours of existent usage — pinch a manus moving nan mouse. I charged it erstwhile it showed up, but I haven’t touched a charger since, and that’s aft utilizing it for 10  to 12 hours per day. According to G Hub, nan rodent still has 88% of a complaint left.

You could spell weeks without charging nan Pro X Super 2, and that’s mostly owed to nan truth that it doesn’t person immoderate extraneous lighting. I’ve utilized a wireless rodent plugged successful for years simply because it’s a symptom to support it topped disconnected truthful often. But pinch nan Pro X Superlight 2, nan charges are truthful infrequent that it hardly matters. Another betterment complete nan guidelines exemplary present is USB-C charging, ditching nan micro-USB larboard connected nan original model.

Everything else

Logitech Pro X 2 gaming headset.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The different 2 devices Logitech launched aren’t astir arsenic impressive. Let’s get nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed retired of nan measurement first. For $250, it conscionable doesn’t meet nan barroom for a premium wireless gaming headset. It’s comfortable, and it sounds good, but it’s not worthy nan asking price.

Even much than a twelvemonth aft launching, nan Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro remains nan crown jewel of gaming headsets. It’s not wireless for illustration nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed (though a wireless type is disposable for $350), but it sounds and feels overmuch amended to use. That’s not to mention nan included GameDAC that bumps up audio value and nan Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) connected nan wireless version, some of which nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed lacks.

The Pro X 2 Lightspeed really struggles compared to nan HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless, though. HyperX’s headset is conscionable arsenic comfortable, sounds a small spot better, and it’s arsenic overmuch arsenic $50 cheaper. You tin find it arsenic overmuch arsenic $100 cheaper connected sale. It’s a amended wide headset, though nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed has amended passive sound reduction.

The caller Pro X TKL is simply a spot of a different beast. It’s conscionable boring, and that’s a problem for a keyboard Logitech is asking $200 for. Similar to nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed, it doesn’t get thing wrong. In this case, though, nan Pro X TKL besides gets very small right.

Logitech Pro X TKL gaming keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

It’s a modular mechanical gaming keyboard, and it’s releasing successful a keyboard marketplace that’s hotly competitive. Just a fewer weeks ago, Asus released its excellent Strix Scope II 96. It’s not only $20 cheaper than nan Pro X TKL, but it besides comes pinch hot-swappable switches and a overmuch amended out-of-the-box typing experience.

The TKL’s shape facet is simply a small dated for Logitech’s esports scope arsenic well. This design, if you’re unfamiliar, chops nan number pad disconnected to summation nan abstraction you person pinch your mouse. A batch of akin keyboards person moved connected to smaller shape factors. Something for illustration nan Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless makes a batch much consciousness for highly competitory gamers pinch its 60% layout. And erstwhile again, that keyboard is cheaper than Logitech’s offering and comes pinch hot-swappable switches.

The gaming keyboard marketplace has stayed stagnant for rather a while, but that’s quickly changing. More mainstream brands for illustration SteelSeries, Asus, and Corsair are starting to bring immoderate ideas from nan enthusiast mechanical keyboard community into their products, and pinch overmuch amended results. The Pro X TKL didn’t get that memo, it seems.

At nan very least, it comes pinch a awesome carrying case, and location are immoderate bully touches for illustration dedicated media controls and aggregate relationship modes. The keyboard conscionable feels a small excessively banal for $200 erstwhile location are truthful galore awesome options already for little than that price.

It’s 1 retired of 3 for Logitech’s caller lineup, astatine slightest for genuinely standout devices. The Pro X TKL isn’t worthy nan price, and nan Pro X 2 Lightspeed is middling, but nan Pro X 2 Superlight rodent is exceptional. It’s ray and glides pinch easiness for competitory gamers, but nan weeks-long artillery life is genuinely why it hasn’t near my desk.

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