Looking for a new TV? This 70-inch Samsung is $170 off today

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The Samsung TU69OT 4K Smart TV connected a media furniture successful a surviving room.Samsung

You don’t person to walk thousands of dollars to get immoderate of nan best TVs connected nan market, and pinch really saturated it has go pinch options, location are a batch of awesome picks, moreover for larger sizes. For example, nan 70-inch Samsung TU690T Crystal TV is packed pinch galore fantabulous features, and for specified a large TV, it is really well-priced astatine $650. That said, you tin get it moreover cheaper pinch this woody from Best Buy, which discounts nan TV down to conscionable $480, a important $170 discount disconnected nan original price, making this 1 of nan champion worth 70-inch TV deals you’re going to find this weekend.

Why you should bargain nan Samsung 70-inch TU690T Crystal TV

Having a 70-inch TV tally astatine 4k solution is astir nan limit of what we’d want successful position of pixel density, though if you’re utilizing this for a surviving room wherever you’re sitting comparatively acold distant from nan TV, that’s not going to beryllium an issue. On nan different hand, if you do beryllium close, this is nan cleanable TV for playing sofa co-op games pinch friends, and moreover though nan guidelines refresh complaint is only 60Hz, it’s still cleanable for nan Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, it doesn’t person HLG HDR, which is what galore sports broadcasters use, but it does person HDR10+, truthful for wide contented watching, you’re getting fantabulous opposition and colour reproduction.

As for nan smart TV platform, it runs connected Tizen, which is Samsung’s ain strategy and cleanable for integrating into different Samsung gear, particularly Galaxy devices particularly nan Smart Things image mirroring, which is simply a neat feature. Even so, if you’re not successful nan Samsung ecosystem, you tin still usage integrations from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and if you’re connected Apple, past you tin surface reflector utilizing Apple AirPlay 2, truthful you’re not wholly near retired successful nan cold.

All successful all, if you want an fantabulous mid-range TV astatine a awesome price, you can’t spell incorrect pinch nan Samsung TU690T Crystal TV, particularly pinch nan woody from Best Buy that brings it down to $480. That said, if you still find that excessively expensive, aliases conscionable doesn’t fresh your tastes, location are immoderate different awesome TV deals you tin return advantage of.

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This woody that gets you a 65-inch 4K TV for nether $300

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TV deals don’t get overmuch cheaper than 1 that keeps coming backmost astatine Walmart. It’s imaginable to bargain an Onn. 65-inch 4K TV for $298. You prevention $50 disconnected nan regular value but much importantly, it intends each nan benefits of a sizeable 65-inch sheet for nether $300. Not bad, right? If you want a ample TV for less, this is your chance. Read connected while we show you what other it has to offer.

Why you should bargain nan Onn. 65-inch 4K TV
Onn. whitethorn not characteristic successful our look astatine nan champion TV brands but arsenic Walmart’s ain brand, it’s a reasonably respectable action for nan price. It has each nan essentials erstwhile you’ve figured retired what size TV is correct for your home.

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