Loudermilk is a big hit on Netflix. You should watch these 3 similar comedy TV shows right now

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen February 11, 2024 9:30AM

The formed of Loudermilk.Primary Wave Entertainment

One of nan awesome things astir Netflix and different streaming services for illustration it is that, successful summation to delivering caller titles to viewers regularly, these services besides springiness america nan chance to rediscover worldly that whitethorn not person made a immense scatter erstwhile it was first released.

Now that immoderate users are discovering Loudermilk, a show that was first released successful 2017 and ran for 3 seasons, they whitethorn beryllium looking for different worldly that’s successful nan aforesaid wheelhouse. This show, which is astir an alcoholic who gets cleanable and tries to put his life backmost together, features a hugely compelling cardinal capacity from Ron Livingston and deftly balances its comedic and melodramatic elements. Here are 3 different shows for illustration it that you should decidedly make clip for.

Shameless (2011-2021)

Adapted from a British bid of nan aforesaid name, Shameless tells nan communicative of a azygous family that redefines what “dysfunctional” means. The show is ostensibly led by Frank, a azygous begetter who spends overmuch of his free clip drinking alternatively of tending to his six children. That mostly leaves nan children to thin to themselves.

The show ran for truthful agelong successful portion because of William H. Macy’s singular cardinal performance, and successful portion because its communicative of a messed-up family that loves 1 different successful spite of their differences resonated truthful broadly. Shameless also launched an full procreation of young talent, and we person it to convey for The Bear‘s Jeremy Allen White, among different things.

Shameless is streaming connected Netflix.

Mom (2013-2021)

While it whitethorn look for illustration a accepted sitcom, Mom turned to beryllium a batch smarter astir issues of addiction and sobriety than astir group thought. The show tells nan communicative of a azygous mother who is recently sober and is trying to equilibrium her life erstwhile her mother, still an alcoholic, storms backmost into her life.

Thanks to Anna Faris and Allison Janney, nan show was often blisteringly funny, but it besides knew really to return nan taxable matter astatine its halfway seriously. This was a show astir addiction, and moreover erstwhile it was astatine its most absurd, Mom was ne'er hiding that fact.

Watch Mom connected Hulu.

Bojack Horseman (2014-2020)

Set successful a strange, animated world wherever animals and humans coexist arsenic sentient beings, Bojack Horseman tells nan communicative of a erstwhile sitcom prima who is besides a equine arsenic he battles his ain demons, including alcoholism, successful an effort to amended himself.

The brilliant of Bojack is that nan show could beryllium blisteringly funny, but it was often acold much willing successful examining nan acheronian astatine nan bosom of its main character. Bojack was often unspeakable to nan group he claimed to love, and nan show gives each of its cardinal figures nan opportunity to reckon pinch nan harm he’s done to their lives.

Bojack Horseman is streaming connected Netflix.

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Joe Allen is simply a freelance writer based successful upstate New York focused connected movies and TV.

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