Lurie Children's Hospital took systems offline after cyberattack

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Lurie Children's

Lurie Children's Hospital successful Chicago was forced to return IT systems offline aft a cyberattack, disrupting normal operations and delaying aesculapian attraction successful immoderate instances.

Lurie Children's is simply a Chicago-based pediatric acute attraction infirmary pinch 360 beds, 1,665 physicians covering 70 sub-specialties, and 4,000 aesculapian unit and employees. It is 1 of nan astir important pediatric hospitals successful nan country, providing attraction for complete 200,000 children annually.

Yesterday, nan infirmary announced connected its website and societal media platforms that it is actively responding to a cybersecurity incident, which unluckily resulted successful web systems being taken offline to forestall nan attack's spread.

"Lurie Children's is actively responding to a cybersecurity matter," disclosed Lurie Children's Hospital yesterday.

"We are taking this very seriously, are investigating pinch nan support of starring experts, and are moving successful collaboration pinch rule enforcement agencies. As portion of our consequence to this matter, we person taken web systems offline." disclosed Lurie Children's Hospital yesterday.

The healthcare supplier antecedently stated that nan incident impacted nan hospital's internet, email, telephone services, and expertise to entree nan MyChat platform. Those suffering from a healthcare emergency were advised to dial 911 aliases sojourn their nearest emergency department.


"As Illinois' starring supplier for pediatric care, our overarching privilege is to proceed providing safe, value attraction to our patients and nan communities we serve," continues nan hospital's announcement.

"Lurie Children's is unfastened and providing attraction to patients pinch arsenic fewer disruptions arsenic possible."

Local media report that scheduled procedures person been delayed owed to nan cyberattack, ultrasound and CT scan results are unavailable, and prescriptions are fixed successful insubstantial form.

Also, nan infirmary has reverted to pursuing a first-come, first-served approach, prioritizing emergency situations.

At nan clip of writing, nary awesome ransomware gangs person assumed work for nan onslaught connected Lurie Children's Hospital.

Despite nan alleged guidelines group by ransomware operators, which instruct affiliates to refrain from targeting hospitals, various ransomware gangs disregard these policies and proceed to target healthcare organizations.

This is because they either don't attraction to enforce these policies aliases because these guidelines are simply a destruction to disguise their unrelenting pursuit of financial gain.

Two caller examples of this are nan attacks connected the Capital Health infirmary network and Saint Anthony Hospital in nan U.S. and the Katholische Hospitalvereinigung Ostwestfalen (KHO) hospitals successful Germany, each conducted by nan Lockbit ransomware operation, which claims to person strict policies preventing attacks connected hospitals.