Madden 24 is coming to Xbox Game Pass just in time for the Super Bowl

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A database of games coming to Xbox Game Pass successful February.Xbox

Xbox revealed a caller batch of room additions coming to its Game Pass service. The database includes immoderate dense hitters successful Resident Evil 3 and Madden 24, arsenic good arsenic immoderate indie hidden gems.

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription work that gives players entree to prime games for a monthly fee, will adhd 8 caller games successful nan first half of February. The rollout will commencement coming pinch Anuchard and proceed until February 20 pinch nan sci-fi title Return to Grace.

The biggest summation this period is Madden 24, which hits Xbox consoles and PC connected February 8. That’s conscionable successful clip for this weekend’s Super Bowl, truthful you tin usage it to create your ain simulation of nan large game. Subscribers will gain an Ultimate Team Supercharge Pack if they effort it earlier March 8.

Game Pass is besides adding different Resident Evil game. This time, Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake is joining nan work connected February 13. It’ll beryllium disposable connected PC, console, and cloud. The news hopefully signals that we mightiness spot last year’s fantabulous Resident Evil 4 on nan work sometime soon.

A fewer indie standouts information retired nan month. On Valentine’s Day, players tin drawback cozy puzzler A Little to nan Left and nan Castlevania-inspired Bloodstained: Ritual of nan Night. Here’s nan afloat database of titles coming to nan work this month.

  • Anuchard (Cloud, console, PC) — Now available
  • Train Sim World 4 (Cloud, console, PC) — February 7
  • Madden 24 (Console, PC) –February 8
  • Resident Evil 3 (Cloud, console, PC) — February 13
  • A Little to nan Left — (Cloud, console, PC) — February 14
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of nan Night (Cloud, console, PC) — February 14
  • PlateUp! (Cloud, console, PC) — February 15
  • Return to Grace (Cloud, console, PC) — February 20

Oddly, nan header of nan Xbox Wire station astir Game Pass’ upcoming titles mentions Tales of Arise, but it isn’t mentioned successful nan article of its image showing disconnected nan caller batch of games. It seems that nan RPG is headed to nan service, but it’s presently unclear if it’s scheduled to motorboat this period aliases not.

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