Man United vs Wolves live stream: Can you watch for free?

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Tim Keeney

By Tim Keeney February 1, 2024 6:00AM

Lost successful a agelong of inconsistency, Manchester United look to commencement a climb backmost towards nan Premier League Top 5 erstwhile they return connected Wolverhampton Thursday astatine Molineux Stadium. Erik 10 Hag’s squad has captured conscionable 5 points (1-2-3) successful its past six convention matches, while Wolves are moving successful nan other guidance pinch 3 wins and a tie successful their past four. A triumph for Wolves successful present would really move them up of Man United connected extremity differential, mounting this up arsenic a very compelling showdown.

In nan United States, nan lucifer starts coming astatine 3:15 p.m. ET and will beryllium televised connected USA Network. That gives america respective ways to watch a unrecorded watercourse of nan match, including respective free options.

The Best Way to Watch Man United vs Wolves

The Sling TV logo against a achromatic background.Sling

We’ll return you done immoderate of nan free options below, but if you’re readying connected watch Premier League for nan remainder of nan season, Sling TV is nan measurement to go. While it doesn’t travel pinch a free trial, nan “Sling Blue” transmission package includes USA Network is conscionable $20 for your first period (and $40 per period aft that). That makes Sling positive Peacock Premium (which has exclusive streaming authorities to each non-televised EPL match) nan absolute cheapest measurement to watch each azygous Premier League match.

Is There a Free Man United vs Wolves Live Stream?

FuboTV app icon connected Apple TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Sling whitethorn beryllium nan cheapest semipermanent option, but if you’re simply looking to watch Man United vs Wolves for free, aliases you’re looking for a much extended transmission package to screen your sports and entertainment needs, location are respective different ways you tin go.

Fubo‘s “Pro” scheme comes pinch 180-plus unrecorded TV channels, YouTube TV‘s “Base Plan” has 100-plus and DirecTV Stream‘s “Entertainment” package has 75-plus, and USA Network is included successful each of them. They’re each much costly than Sling successful nan agelong term, but they each travel pinch a free trial, allowing you to watch today’s lucifer astatine nary cost.

Other Ways to Watch nan Man United vs Wolves Live Stream

App icons for Disney+, Hulu and ESPN.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you don’t attraction astir nan free proceedings and you’re looking for thing agelong term, Hulu With Live TV includes USA Network among its 75-plus full channels. It costs $77 per month, but it besides includes Hulu’s library of movies and shows, arsenic good arsenic Disney+ and ESPN+ astatine nary other cost, making it a beardown value.

How to Watch nan Man United vs Wolves Live Stream from Abroad

NordVPN moving connected a MacBook Pro.NordVPN

A virtual backstage web is simply a necessity if you person 1 of nan antecedently mentioned streaming services but are presently extracurricular nan United States. A VPN will hide your IP address, allowing you to entree US-only sites. There are plentifulness of bully VPN’s to take from (check retired nan champion VPN deals), but our proposal would person to be NordVPN, which is reliable, has hundreds of different servers to take from (which helps pinch streaming speeds) and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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