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Max connected YouTube Primetime Channels arsenic seen connected an iPhone.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Max — nan streaming work that houses each nan shows and movies from nan mixed Warner Bros. Discovery beingness — is now disposable to watch successful afloat connected YouTube. Or, rather, on YouTube Primetime Channels.

That’s nan somewhat clunky sanction for nan strategy by which you tin watch subscription services from wrong YouTube itself. It’s precisely nan aforesaid thought arsenic what’s going connected pinch NFL Sunday Ticket. You subscribe and watch connected YouTube and salary via your Google account. It’s besides beautiful overmuch nan nonstop aforesaid point arsenic Max connected Amazon Prime Channels. But dissimilar nan Amazon options, only 1 spirit of Max is disposable connected YouTube PrimeTime Channels. You’ll get nan afloat version, sans advertising, for $16 a month. (It rounds up to a small much than $18 a period aft taxes.)

In summation to NFL Sunday Ticket, YouTube Primetime Channels has much than 3 twelve different subscriptions from which you tin choose, including streaming services for illustration Paramount+, Starz, and AMC+, aliases Tastemade, MGM+, and Fandor. Or, you tin rent aliases acquisition individual shows and movies. And you tin do it from immoderate instrumentality that supports YouTube, which is fundamentally each device.

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If this each sounds for illustration it’s further complicating nan authorities of streaming, you’re not wrong. A batch of this is besides disposable via YouTube TV, and YouTube is besides wherever you’ll spell to watch thing you’ve antecedently purchased connected nan now-defunct Google Play Movies & TV service. But YouTube and YouTube TV are not nan aforesaid thing, moreover though there’s a ton of overlap there. (Cue nan questioning arsenic to erstwhile Google mightiness effort to harvester those 2 services somehow.)

One past nugget: If you subscribe to Max connected YouTube Primetime Channels, you’ll besides person entree to nan Bleacher Report Sports Add-On, a abstracted add-on to Max. Or, rather, it will beryllium astatine immoderate constituent — but for now, it’s available free to each Max subscribers until March.

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