Meeting the challenge of OT security

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Webinar Cyberattacks connected business power systems are becoming much common, and location isn't apt to beryllium a fto up immoderate clip soon.

The fallout from those attacks tin beryllium terrible fixed nan imaginable beingness effect – outages and shutdowns successful manufacturing that disrupt accumulation and profits, for example. And accrued systems connectivity inevitably brings its ain risks, often including cyber information unsighted spots that expose delicate information to unauthorised entree and disruption.

Staying unafraid and compliant demands elaborate visibility of OT assets and nan expertise to protect them complete an extended network. Constantly vigilant, automated threat discovery tin thief too.

UK soft drinks shaper Britvic reckons it knows conscionable really to do it. Find retired much by listening into our latest webinar - Strengthening operational resilience - connected 8 November 11am GMT/6am ET/3am PT. You'll perceive nan Register's Tim Phillips chat pinch David Cox of Britvic astir really nan institution overcame nan information challenges that threatened Britvic's systems. They'll spell connected to talk evolving threats to OT information and connection proposal connected really to negociate nan risks from IoT connectivity and automation.

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