Microsoft brings its cloudy virtual desktops on-prem to AzureStack HCI

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Microsoft has announced that its Azure Virtual Desktop offering is disposable on-prem.

The descent from nan clouds for Redmond's desktop virtualization (VDI) work is made imaginable by nan general merchandise of type 23H2 of Azure Stack HCI, Microsoft's hyperconverged offering that brings a subset of Azure to your spot barn – usually moving connected clusters comprising a fistful of servers.

VDI was 1 of nan applications that first generated liking successful HCI, and remains a celebrated usage lawsuit for nan hyperconverged attack to on-prem compute. Microsoft has aimed its down-to-Earth cloudy desktops astatine those pinch information residency requirements, latency-sensitive workloads, aliases pinch information proximity requirements. Redmond besides fancies you mightiness tally it connected nan separator – astir apt distant and branch offices alternatively than kit stored nether telco towers.

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The request for distant desktops to tally successful distant offices is thing of a backdown from nan package behemoth's cloud-first attack to astir workloads, and past suggestions that unreality desktops don't request to beryllium benchmarked because they conscionable work.

The reality is that VDI needs good tuning to tally good on-prem, and users person travel to expect desktops to activity – without interruptions aliases glitches. The Register's hands-on experiences pinch cloudy desktops person seldom avoided annoying pauses aliases hangs, and that's not going to trim it for galore clients.

Bringing Azure Virtual Desktop on-prem is truthful sensible, some to fulfill clients and to guarantee Microsoft's VDI has a hybrid unreality capacity – because its rivals successful nan section person had that for years.

Those rivals are VMware and Citrix. The former, however, has put its VDI portfolio up for sale – nan benignant of uncertainty that gets users reasoning astir alternatives.

Citrix has besides fixed its customers reasons to contemplate their early by sidesplitting its perpetual licenses and marching users to subscriptions. While Citrix has historically been very adjacent to Microsoft, that narration was forged earlier Redmond started to make its ain investments successful VDI and desktop-as-a-service. With Microsoft VDI now disposable on-prem and successful Microsoft's cloud, users now person plentifulness of reasons to rethink their Citrix-on-Azure commitments.

Other additions to AzureStack HCI 23H2 see support for Linux and Windows containers, bid statement tweaks that make deployment of Kubernetes clusters accordant pinch nan cloudy Azure experience, nan expertise to deploy nan level from nan cloud, and a preview of devices that migrate Hyper-V VMs to Azure Stack HCI. ®