Microsoft Copilot: tips and tricks for using AI in Windows

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Microsoft Copilot allows you to inquire an AI adjunct questions wrong Office apps.Microsoft

Microsoft’s Copilot mightiness not beryllium breaking crushed successful rather nan aforesaid measurement arsenic ChatGPT seemed to erstwhile it first debuted, but location are still immoderate useful abilities for this desktop-ready chatbot AI that is now disposable to beautiful overmuch anyone moving nan latest type of Windows 11. It doesn’t person a immense scope of abilities yet, confining itself to changing immoderate Windows settings, opening apps for you, and performing nan imaginative penning and web hunt functions disposable done its contemporaries.

But you tin make Copilot activity for you and activity well, and location are immoderate tips and tricks you’ll want to employment to make nan astir of it. Here are immoderate of my favorites.

Go hands-free

While nan latest earthy connection AIs mightiness beryllium chiefly text-based, galore of them now see sound and audio support, and Windows Copilot is overmuch nan same. While this mightiness look for illustration simply a much clunky measurement to interact pinch Copilot — and it is benignant of clunky — this is an important characteristic because it intends you don’t person to usage your hands to punctual it. Beyond clicking nan small microphone button, you tin get backmost to immoderate you’re doing while asking it a mobility aliases requesting thing from it.

For me, this intends I tin inquire it to find maine accusation connected a taxable for an article I’m writing, summarize a webpage, aliases springiness maine immoderate tips connected really to do something, each while moving connected thing else. This is peculiarly useful erstwhile you’re penning an article astir Copilot tips and tricks, arsenic you tin person them play retired while you’re penning it. When I’m penning a best-of list, though, I tin person it drawback a spec expanse for me, which saves maine astir a infinitesimal of clip for each request. Those minutes quickly adhd up.

Beyond my needs, though, sound support is besides an important accessibility feature. You don’t moreover request to be able to type to bask Windows Copilot. Young children aliases those pinch mobility difficulties tin interact pinch and person useful responses from it conscionable for illustration everyone else. For those who struggle to usage a rodent aliases keyboard, this could greatly amended their expertise to interact pinch Windows naturally.

When I had a pinched nervus successful my backmost recently and recovered utilizing a rodent painful, Copilot was capable to trim my reliance connected it. It’s not perfect, aliases moreover great, yet, but it has nan imaginable to beryllium huge.

You’ll request to beryllium signed successful to usage each its features

Windows Copilot refusing to create an image without a login.Jon Martindale / DigitalTrends

Windows Copilot has a fewer further functions that require further accusation from you. In nan lawsuit of generating images, you’ll request to beryllium signed successful to nan Windows Image Creator service. 

This is besides a bully thief extremity if you find that you can’t usage Copilot because its icon is missing aliases it conscionable won’t open. Make judge you’re signed successful to your online Microsoft account.

Integrate Edge pinch Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot answering questions connected committee crippled rules.Jon Martindale / DigitalTrends

One of nan fewer features that Copilot presently has that useful really good is interacting pinch Edge. As a Microsoft product, this is possibly nary surprise, but it expands nan functionality of Copilot beyond nan bounds of Windows itself and, crucially, allows it to interact pinch your web convention successful a scope of ways.

I often propulsion up articles pinch each volition of reference them, only to find retired that it will return maine 20 minutes, and who has clip for that? I’d surely for illustration to, but astatine this clip successful my life, I don’t, truthful Copilot tin quickly summarize it for you. It tin find circumstantial accusation wrong nan page, too, which tin beryllium awesome for uncovering a quote aliases reference you request from a lengthy question and reply aliases video transcript.

It useful pinch PDFs

One of my favourite ways to usage AI chatbots truthful acold is searching done lengthy PDF documents for committee crippled norm references. I’ve tried a fewer different options, but Windows Copilot does a beautiful bully job. In this case, I asked astir a norm for nan analyzable committee crippled Twilight Imperium. To do so, I uploaded nan surviving rules to a unreality service, opened nan record successful Edge, and had it stock my on-screen contented pinch Copilot.

It recovered nan correct norm reference and added further (largely unnecessary) clarification. It’s not perfect, but pinch a little nuanced aliases analyzable request, it could beryllium much effective.

It useful successful a scope of different apps too

Don’t hide that Windows Copilot mightiness beryllium chiefly designed astir a wide chat instrumentality but is slow being integrated into Microsoft’s different apps.

If you usage Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, aliases different Microsoft applications, it mightiness beryllium worthy paying nan further subscription interest of $30 per personification per period to get Copilot into your 365 applications. You’ll beryllium capable to do things for illustration make an full PowerPoint position conscionable from a speedy punctual aliases get AI-generated matter correct successful Word.

Be precise and beryllium prepared for errors

As awesome arsenic Windows Copilot can be, it is still very intelligibly a activity successful progress. Some of nan features aren’t disposable yet, immoderate of nan features aren’t disposable to everyone, and moreover nan ones you do person entree to won’t needfully work. In 1 test, Copilot told maine it couldn’t make images because I wasn’t signed in, and past it claimed it couldn’t make images astatine all.

One day, it allowed maine to unfastened applications utilizing it — admittedly, utilizing nan laborious process of clicking connected nan fastener wrong its chat to do truthful — and different day, it wouldn’t fto me, suggesting it doesn’t person that functionality and tin only hunt nan web for answers to my problem.

Some days, it won’t moreover move connected acheronian mode, arsenic it did successful its very first demonstrations.

Be very clear successful your instructions to debar imaginable errors, but beryllium prepared for it not to activity arsenic intended each of nan time. If you brushwood an error, effort restarting Copilot aliases rebooting your PC.

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