Microsoft fixes connection issue affecting Outlook email apps

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Microsoft has fixed a known rumor causing desktop and mobile email clients to neglect to link erstwhile utilizing accounts.

"The Team implemented work changes connected January 31, 2024 to reside nan relationship issues pinch unexpected authentication prompts," Microsoft said.

"For Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, if you are still seeing authentication prompts, please guarantee you've enabled 2 measurement verification and create an app password. Use nan app password successful spot of your normal password erstwhile Outlook prompts for authentication."

More specifications connected really to usage app passwords pinch apps without two-step verification support tin beryllium recovered successful this support document.

Customers affected by these sign-in problems started sharing reports connected Microsoft's community platforms and different societal networks for illustration Reddit past Tuesday.

Impacted users saw pop-ups requiring them to participate their relationship passwords and giving them a "Remember my credentials" option. However, moreover for those who entered nan correct credentials, nan login model would still popular up arsenic nan app tried connecting to nan account.

"Since starting astir 1/23/24 users person reported issues connecting pinch Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook for Microsoft 365, Thunderbird, and mobile email apps erstwhile connecting pinch POP, IMAP, and Exchange connections," Microsoft said erstwhile first acknowledging nan issue.

"Some users person reported that signing successful pinch an App Password useful to link but later goes backmost into a disconnected state."

Fixes for different Outlook issues users person been experiencing different issues successful caller months that person prevented them from searching for email contented aliases caused their email clients to crash.

Two months ago, nan Outlook squad fixed different known rumor that caused Outlook Desktop clients to crash while sending emails from accounts successful Version 2311 Build 17029.20068.

After resolving nan bug, Microsoft advised users who abnormal auto-updates to click "Update Now" nether File > Office Account > Update Options to get nan fix.

Redmond also resolved an issue successful July that was causing 401 objection errors for users and breaking email searches.

Before this, successful June, aggregate Microsoft services, including, OneDrive, and nan Azure Portal, were disrupted by DDoS attacks later claimed by a threat character known arsenic Anonymous Sudan, believed to person Russian links.