Microsoft fixes Windows Server VMs broken by October updates

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Windows Server

Microsoft anchored a accepted affair causing abject screens and cossack failures in Windows Server 2022 basic machines (VMs) deployed on VMware ESXi hosts.

Windows admins aboriginal appear experiencing VM alpha issues [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] afterwards deploying aftermost month's KB5031364 cumulative update.

The aggregation confirmed the affair canicule later, adage it alone affects guest VMs on VMware ESXi hosts with an AMD Epyc concrete processor, the "Expose IOMMU to bedfellow OS" VMware advantage toggled on, and Virtualization Based Security and System Guard Secure Launch enabled in Windows Server 2022.

As Microsoft appear during this month's Patch Tuesday, the basis account has now been addressed with the absolution of the KB5032198 Windows Server 2022 accumulative update.

"This amend addresses a accepted affair that affects basic machines (VMs) that run on VMware ESXi hosts," Redmond said.

"Windows Server 2022 ability abort to alpha up. The afflicted VMs will accept an absurdity with a abject awning and a stop code: PNP DETECTED FATAL ERROR."

Temporary workarounds additionally available

Windows administrators clumsy to anon install the November 2023 Patch Tuesday updates additionally accept acting solutions to avoid this accepted issue.

One access involves toggling off "Expose IOMMU to bedfellow OS" in the afflicted basic machines' settings. Yet, this workaround ability be applicable for a belted set of systems only, as specific environments crave this advantage to be enabled by default.

Alternatively, as a aftermost resort, uninstalling the ambiguous KB5031364 amend can abode the VM cossack problems with a cogent downside: this will additionally abolish all aegis patches deployed with the update.

In January and December 2022, Microsoft appear out-of-band Windows Server updates to boldness issues blocking Hyper-V VMs from booting and causing problems back creating new VMs on specific hosts.

Earlier this year, Microsoft acknowledged a agnate issue impacting VMware ESXi VMs with Secure Boot enabled afterwards the accession of February 2023 accumulative updates.

Subsequently, VMware promptly released emergency updates for vSphere ESXi to abode the basal account abaft the VMs' disability to locate a bootable operating system.