Microsoft issues deadline for end of Windows 10 support – it's pay to play for security

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Microsoft on Tuesday warned that abounding aegis abutment for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025, but offered a buoy for barter clumsy or afraid to advancement two years hence.

"While we acerb acclaim affective to Windows 11, we accept there are affairs that could anticipate you from replacing Windows 10 accessories afore the EOS [end of support] date," explained Jason Leznek, a affiliate of Microsoft's Windows Servicing & Delivery team, in an statement. "Therefore, Microsoft will action Extended Security Updates."

Extended Security Updates (ESU) will accumulate Windows 10 systems activity and notionally defended afterwards the operating system's cessation date – but not for free.

As with the Windows 7 ESU affairs – which concluded on January 10 – Windows 10 diehards will accept the advantage to pay an as-yet-undisclosed annual cable fee to abide accepting account aegis updates for up to three years above the end-of-service date.

According to Leznek, the Windows 10 ESU affairs alone provides analytical and important aegis updates. Patches for bottom flaws, affection requests, or added changes won't necessarily be advised and abstruse abutment will be bound to aegis issues.

Pricing for Windows 10 ESU has not been announced, but apparently it will be agnate to the Windows 7 ESU program: $50 per Windows 7 Pro accessory for the aboriginal year; $100 for the additional year; and $200 for the third. For Windows Enterprise customers, the amount is bisected that.

Eager to argue barter to accomplish to the amaranthine rent-economy of the cloud, Microsoft says those with Windows 10 PCs can use Windows 11 via Windows 365 – Redmond's cloud-based account that streams Windows 11 to affiliated devices.

And for those who accept this route, Microsoft will bandy in a Windows 10 ESU cable at no added cost. A agnate adjustment is accessible for those active Windows 10 instances in Azure Virtual Desktop, which is some use to admins.

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The US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) hailed Microsoft's advertisement as a sustainability triumph, because continued abutment for Windows 10 agency beneath cyberbanking waste. PIRG presented Microsoft with 20,000 signatures in October to argue Redmond to do what it apparently already had planned to drive Windows 11 adoption.

"We're ashore on a disposability treadmill, replacing tech afore we should," lamented Lucas Rockett Gutterman, administrator of PIRG's Designed to Last Campaign, in a statement. "Abandoning Windows 10 and abrogation hundreds of millions of computers abaft is one decidedly adverse example."

Gutterman characterized the Windows 10 ESU affairs as a footfall in the appropriate direction, but said Microsoft should extend abutment automatically as a way to abate junked hardware.

According to PIRG, the ESU affairs will be offered for three years to schools, accessible area organizations, and SMBs, with individuals acceptable for aloof one year, admitting extensions may be offered if there's demand.

Leznek didn't accurately abode alone Windows users except to say that an ESU affairs for alone consumers will be discussed in a approaching update. We'll see. ®