Microsoft just made Outlook a lot easier to use

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Outlook moving connected nan Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen screen.The Outlook app connected nan Z Flip 5 screen screen Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Microsoft’s celebrated email customer and organizer Outlook will soon beryllium getting an update that should let users to nonstop ample files without encountering immoderate errors. We first heard astir nan update past month, and per nan Microsoft 365 roadworthy representation website, Feature ID 156100 is going to alteration Outlook users to upload files seamlessly, moreover erstwhile they travel crossed email size restrictions.

When a personification tries to connect a record to an email that surpasses nan maximum size limit aliases exceeds nan email’s size restriction, they will now beryllium prompted to upload nan record to OneDrive. Currently, Outlook enforces a maximum attachment size of 20MB to safeguard email servers from imaginable slowdowns aliases crashes caused by ample attachments. This regularisation tin airs challenges erstwhile sharing sizable files for illustration presentations, datasets, aliases videos.

This is akin to Google Gmail, wherever large-sized attachments are uploaded via Google Drive. Google has, for years, allowed you to automatically upload nan record to Google Drive while attaching it to nan email, but Outlook is conscionable now catching up. Previously, you would request to upload nan record separately to OneDrive aliases different unreality retention work earlier linking it successful your email.

The update should beryllium peculiarly valuable for individuals utilizing nan free version of Microsoft Outlook, particularly those contending pinch nan tightest limits imposed by Outlook and OneDrive. Microsoft has allocated a 15GB free retention capacity for Outlook, while OneDrive offers 5GB. Thanks to this update, free Microsoft users now person a mixed retention excavation of 20GB to negociate crossed some services.

The caller characteristic is already rolling retired for Android users, while different platforms should gradually get it successful nan coming days, according to nan Microsoft 365 roadworthy map. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced respective caller features that are expected to rotation retired soon, including multi-account search, 1,000-plus hunt results, folder/subfolder recursive search, and hunt container interface improvements.

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