Microsoft might have just pulled support for very old PCs in Windows 11 24H2

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If you're moving a very aged PC but person managed to seduce Windows 11 to boot, it looks for illustration nan rug could soon beryllium pulled from nether you, judging by a station claiming that Microsoft's codification will now require an instruction not recovered connected aged CPUs.

The instruction successful mobility is POPCNT, which first turned up successful Intel Core processors toward nan extremity of 2008 arsenic portion of nan SSE4.2 instruction group hold and AMD's Barcelona architecture successful 2007.

POPCNT counts nan number of bits successful a instrumentality connection that person been group (or different from zero.) You mightiness spot it successful cryptography and it has been lurking successful CPU architectures for years, pre-dating Intel and AMD's implementation by decades.

Its usage present intends that if your CPU is 15 years aged – aliases older – location is each chance that nan adjacent awesome merchandise of Windows 11, expected to beryllium 24H2, won't boot. However, to put this successful context, nan instruction arrived successful nan first procreation of Core i5 and i7 processors, which utilized nan Nehalem microarchitecture.

The infamous Windows 11 hardware compatibility list excludes beautiful overmuch thing earlier than eighth-generation Intel chips, truthful nan find is improbable to person overmuch successful nan measurement of mainstream impact. However, customers utilizing workarounds to dodge nan Windows 11 hardware cheque would do good to guarantee their hardware is not too aged earlier attempting an install.

Then again, moving Microsoft's latest OS connected hardware much than a decade aged is astir apt likely being done by enthusiasts than an mean users.

The study of nan requirement, discovered by X personification @TheBobPony successful caller Windows 11 24H2 builds, comes a period aft immoderate Windows 10 users recovered themselves unable to unfastened immoderate Windows apps pursuing an update.

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Some users speculated that a Microsoft technologist had accidentally enabled immoderate newer CPU instructions during compilation, efficaciously dropping support for respective older processors.

The aforesaid point mightiness person happened this time, though it would look reasonable for Microsoft not to fuss pinch CPUs that are not connected nan Windows 11 hardware requirements list. Whether that hardware requirements database is reasonable is, however, a full different discussion.

We contacted nan institution to inquire and will update this article should it respond.

In nan meantime, nan latest uncovering is simply a reminder that moreover Microsoft – famed for backward compatibility and keeping aged kit going – is getting superior regarding hardware requirements. ®