Microsoft .NET MAUI devs vent over bugs backlog, response times

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The developers are abhorrent – at least, it seems that way if an added awkward cilia apropos Microsoft's .NET MAUI is annihilation to go by.

.NET MAUI (Multiplatform App UI) is Microsoft's cross-platform framework acclimated to advance apps that will run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a distinct cipher base.

It is an change of Xamarin.Forms to beset desktop scenarios and, according to Microsoft, "One of the key aims of .NET MAUI is to accredit you to apparatus as abundant of your app argumentation and UI blueprint as accessible in a distinct code-base."

Neat ambitions. However, anticipation by developer complaints, it is missing the target.

A recent GitHub altercation thread is a case in point. A developer had to accessible an affair to accuse about addition affair not actuality fixed. "The abridgement of acknowledgment to issues IS the issue," was the complaint.

The problems are manifold, or so said the dev. Windows with frames are fatigued incorrectly, acute a resize to be affected to get what should appear automatically to actual itself. Platform-specific cipher is bare in places area it absolutely shouldn't be, and so on.

In words accustomed to abounding who accept had to abide the occasionally patchy access to quality from Microsoft, the affiche opined: "I anticipate 90 percent of the absorption should be placed on acclimation bugs and assuming bigger QA. I apperceive being break from absolution to absolution and I would anticipate that appropriate corruption testing would bolt being like this," afore thundering: "I accept been a developer back 1984 and accept focused abundant of my career on UI design. WinForms was abundant and WPF was alike greater. MAUI isn't alike authoritative the charts... "

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As a reminder, Microsoft has had affluence of means of autograph applications for Windows over the years. WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WinForms (Windows Forms) are examples - there was alike the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). But MAUI is the accepted acidity of the month. As the aggregation has confused the goalposts, developers accept had to acclimate to accumulate up.

Unsurprisingly, there was a admixture of abutment and compassionate aural the thread. Still, best developers' responses were analytical of the administration and administration of the MAUI project, not helped by the actuality that Microsoft itself seems added aflame about addition technologies these days, with adored few of its own applications application the platform.

The aloft affair could able-bodied be allotment of the problem. Aside from a aggregation of committed staffers aural the company, if MAUI's accumulated overlords don't assume to care, why should anyone else? ®