Microsoft: Outlook email sending issues for users with lots of folders

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Microsoft has accustomed a new affair affecting Outlook for Microsoft 365 users and causing email-sending problems for those with too abounding nested folders.

According to Redmond, this is acceptable accompanying to an earlier affair apropos mailboxes with added than 500 aggregate folders, a absolute lifted in 2019.

However, it seems that Microsoft bootless to accede cases back users would additionally accept that abounding folders in their primary mailbox.

"When application Outlook Desktop to accelerate an email, you get an abrupt Non-Delivery Report (NDR) that includes the absurdity cipher 0x80040305," the aggregation said in an advising appear on Friday.

"This affair is like the above-mentioned 500 binder absolute that the Outlook Team fixed, Lifting the 500 Folder Limit in Outlook. That band-aid targeted aggregate folders but did not accommodate the book occurring in the user's primary mailbox."

Affected users are additionally told that their emails did not ability "some or all" recipients and are audacious to accelerate the bulletin afresh after or ability out to their arrangement admin.

Workarounds available

While Microsoft is currently investigating this anew accustomed issue, it additionally provided afflicted barter with some tips to workaround the email sending problems.

The company's recommendations accommodate abbreviation the cardinal of folders that accept subfolders to beneath 500, with at best 450 nested folders during this issue's advancing investigation. Another acting fix would be to accumulate all mailbox folders burst instead of expanded.

"If you can't do either of the above, abstain consecutive online accomplishments in Outlook. Such accomplishments accommodate application the buttons for 'View on Server' and 'Click actuality to appearance added on Microsoft Exchange,' or use of 'Include earlier results' back searching," Microsoft said.

"If you use any of these actions, restart Outlook anon for best performance."

This week, Microsoft additionally fixed a bug causing Outlook Desktop audience to blast back sending emails from accounts.

Redmond additionally issued fixes for some users impacted by a Microsoft 365 affair arch to 'Something Went Wrong [1001]' sign-in errors, blocking abounding afflicted barter from application desktop Office apps.

Previously, they addressed addition Microsoft 365 affair causing notable delays while extenuative accessories in Outlook Desktop to a arrangement share.

This year, it additionally tackled several added Outlook-related issues, including bugs preventing Microsoft 365 barter from accessing emails and calendars and slow starts and freezes during accumulation re-priming.