Microsoft tests Windows 11 ‘Super Resolution’ AI-upscaling for gamers

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Windows 11

Microsoft is testing a caller "Automatic Super Resolution" AI-assisted upscaling characteristic that increases nan video and image value of supported games while besides making them tally much smoothly.

Upscaling is nan process of converting a lower-quality aliases low-resolution image to 1 that is higher solution without sacrificing quality.

Traditional upscaling methods usage techniques like nearest-neighbor or bicubic interpolation to extrapolate what colored pixels should beryllium added to an image to summation its solution without causing it to suffer excessively overmuch quality. Unfortunately, these techniques commonly origin an image to go progressively blurry arsenic you summation its resolution.

Newer upscaling techniques usage artificial intelligence and heavy learning algorithms to foretell and adhd specifications to low-quality images, allowing them to execute higher resolutions without sacrificing quality. This is accomplished by training nan algorithms pinch millions of images, allowing nan AI to foretell nan pixels and nan colour that should beryllium added to nan image during nan upscaling procedure.

As first discovered by Windows sleuth PhantomOfEarth, Microsoft is now testing an Automatic Super Resolution characteristic arsenic portion of its first preview of Windows 11 24H2 successful nan Canary and Dev channels.

This characteristic is hidden and has to beryllium enabled utilizing specialized tools, but erstwhile enabled, a caller world Automatic Super Resolution mounting appears under System Display Graphics to configure nan caller feature.

"Use AI to make supported games play much smoothly pinch enhanced details," sounds nan setting's description.

Automatic ace solution settingAutomatic ace solution setting
Source: BleepingComputer

You tin besides alteration nan characteristic connected a per-game ground by enabling nan mounting successful nan "Custom settings for applications" section.

Custom crippled settings
Source: BleepingComputer

Microsoft has not disclosed immoderate accusation astir this feature, and nan More astir Auto SR nexus goes to the DirectX Developer Blog, pinch astir of nan caller stories focusing connected utilizing Neural Processing Units (NPU) nether DirectX 12.

However, this characteristic is believed to beryllium akin to NVIDIA's DLSS Super Resolution feature, which besides uses AI to upscale video frames.

For those who wish to trial nan caller Super Resolution feature, you tin instal nan latest Windows 11 Dev aliases Canary build and download nan ViveTool program, which allows you to alteration hidden developer features.

To alteration nan Super Resolution feature, unfastened an elevated bid prompt and execute nan pursuing command shared by Albacore connected X.

vivetool /enable /id:39695921 /variant:3

After you participate nan command, reboot Windows 11 to alteration nan feature.

It should beryllium noted that this characteristic is presently being developed, and enabling nan characteristic whitethorn origin instability connected your device. Therefore, only usage it connected a trial device, not your main computer.