Microsoft to kill off Outlook REST API v2.0 in 2024 – for real this time

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Microsoft will yet termination disconnected nan Outlook REST API v2.0 successful 2024, years later than planned aft nan institution bowed to protests from its customers and partners.

The extremity day is set for March 31, aft which calls to nan Outlook REST API and beta endpoints will propulsion up a 404. Following different 60 days, location will beryllium only silence.

The institution was astatine pains to constituent retired that nan alteration would not impact Outlook add-ins utilizing Outlook REST.

Microsoft's proposal is to make nan jump to Microsoft Graph arsenic soon arsenic possible.

The Outlook REST API permits nan manipulation of objects specified arsenic message aliases almanac entries successful Microsoft 365 and Microsoft would overmuch alternatively developers utilized thing a spot much modern alternatively – Microsoft Graph – and truthful issued a two-year informing successful 2020 to nan effect that nan API work would beryllium decommissioned connected November 30, 2022.

Unsurprisingly, arsenic nan deadline loomed, users asked for an extension into 2023.

Microsoft blinked and moved nan deadline for deprecation, which was now astatine an unspecified day successful 2023.

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Again, issues were raised.

Shifting from nan Outlook REST API v2.0 to Microsoft Graph is, aft all, not for nan fainthearted. While nan second has beautiful overmuch caught up pinch nan erstwhile successful position of functionality, nan reams of bequest codification that require updating to conform to Microsoft's latest imagination are not to beryllium underestimated.

And truthful nan blinking went connected arsenic Microsoft and nan developers and customers that dangle connected nan work played a crippled of source-code chicken. Now, however, nan dice appears cast, and March 31, 2024, is nan fateful time to propulsion nan termination switch.

Microsoft has fixed plentifulness of announcement and extended nan deadline clip aft time. The first two-year informing has stretched into almost doubly that. The institution noted: "We understand that for immoderate applications, this change, moreover if anticipated, will require immoderate activity to accommodate."

So developers still clinging to what Microsoft described successful 2020 arsenic a "legacy aboveground area" person different day to activity to. One that Microsoft seems intent connected sticking to.

Unless it blinks again. ®