Microsoft touts Visual Studio Code as a Java juggernaut

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Microsoft reckons Visual Studio Code has a association of added than 2.5 actor Java developers, and advancing up abutting for them is abounding abutment for Java 21 and changes advised to advance believability and stability.

Java has alone bottomward the TIOBE index from cardinal one in 2020 to cardinal four in the latest iteration. It now hovers below Python, C, and C++, with C# snapping at its heels. However, Java charcoal a cogent force with a ample abject of amorous developers.

Microsoft claims added than 2.5 actor of them additionally use Visual Studio Code.

To mark the milestone, the software behemothic gave developers a blink at the roadmap for the abutting six months – a accord with Red Hat, including abounding abutment for Java 21. Red Hat's accession into the Visual Studio Code apple began in 2021 with the 1.0 absolution of Language Support for Java by Red Hat, which brought alternating official abutment for Java 17. The IBM assemblage has connected its involvement, and the latest accomplishment has contributed to this week's milestone.

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As able-bodied as the JDK support, the aggregation aims to accord with believability issues – one of the best mentioned bugbears from Java users, according to Microsoft. "We appetite to advance the adherence of our belvedere so you can focus on your cipher after annoying about accent server glitches or crashes, or cipher achievement stops," the aggregation said. "We aim to body a abiding and connected coding acquaintance for the users."

Microsoft additionally has convalescent the Gradle developer acquaintance and optimizing achievement in its sights.

Unsurprisingly, cipher achievement was additionally mentioned, alternating with affairs to advance the intelligence abaft suggestions. And as if to admonish developers that admitting all the allocution of association and collaboration, this is still a Microsoft project, allocution of Copilot was shoe-horned in:

"In the abutting few months we will analyze how to advantage GitHub Copilot Chat to enhance your Java development experience, whether it's award an error, autograph assemblage tests, allowance alter code, abacus dependencies, or managing Java projects."

Still, at atomic Microsoft managed to arrest the AI breath to a distinct band in the roadmap. Copilot aside, it looks agitative for Java developers application Visual Studio Code, and 2.5 actor of them is absolutely the achievement. Depending on who you allocution to, there are about amid 9 and 10 actor Java developers worldwide. ®