Microsoft: Windows Copilot makes desktop icons jump between displays

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Microsoft says a caller known rumor is causing desktop icons to behave erratically connected systems pinch aggregate displays erstwhile utilizing nan Windows Copilot AI-powered integer assistant.

It only impacts Windows devices aft installing KB5031455 October Windows 11 22H2 preview cumulative update, which besides activates nan AI adjunct for preview.

Because of this known issue, Windows Copilot mightiness stay inaccessible connected definite affected devices until a solution is available.

"Windows devices utilizing much than 1 (1) show mightiness acquisition issues pinch desktop icons moving unexpectedly betwixt monitors aliases different icon alignment issues erstwhile attempting to usage Copilot successful Windows (in preview)," Microsoft explains.

"To forestall users from encountering this issue, Copilot successful Windows (in preview) mightiness not beryllium disposable connected devices that person been utilized aliases are presently being utilized successful a multimonitor configuration."

The institution is presently moving connected a solution, pinch further specifications to beryllium provided successful an upcoming update.

Another known rumor linked to this update is triggering incorrect BitLocker thrust encryption errors because of a reporting problem successful immoderate managed Windows environments.

Microsoft says nan rumor does not effect thrust encryption aliases nan reporting of different instrumentality problems, including different BitLocker problems connected MDM-enrolled Windows devices.

Enables Moment 4 features by default

KB5031455 is an optional non-security preview update released connected October 27 that enables dozens of caller Moment 4 features by default and fixes 22 issues.

Highlights included pinch this merchandise are nan AI-powered Copilot for Windows, an overhauled File Explorer, a caller Backup app, and a built-in Passkey Manager.

This update besides adds support for 11 record archives, pinch nan complete database including .rar, .7z, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.zst, .tar.xz, .tgz, .tbz2, .tzst, and .txz, though support for password encrypted files is not yet available.

Windows users tin instal KB5031455 by going into Settings, clicking connected Windows Update, and past connected nan 'Check for Updates' button.

As this is an optional update, you will beryllium asked whether you want to instal it by clicking nan 'Download and install' link.