MongoDB says customer data was exposed in a cyberattack

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MongoDB is informing that its firm systems were breached and that customer information was exposed successful a cyberattack that was detected by nan institution earlier this week.

In emails sent to MongoDB customers from CISO Lena Smart, nan institution says they detected their systems were hacked connected Wednesday evening (December 13th) and started investigating nan incident.

"MongoDB is investigating a information incident involving unauthorized entree to definite MongoDB firm systems," sounds nan email from MongoDB.

"This includes vulnerability of customer relationship metadata and interaction information. At this time, we are NOT alert of immoderate vulnerability to nan information that customers shop successful MongoDB Atlas."

The institution does not judge nan hackers accessed immoderate customer information stored successful MongoDB Atlas. However, MongoDB says nan threat actors had entree to its systems for immoderate clip earlier they were discovered.

"We are still conducting an progressive investigation and judge that this unauthorized entree has been going connected for immoderate play of clip earlier discovery," sounds nan information incident notification.

Unfortunately, information theft usually occurs successful breaches for illustration this, wherever a threat character has had persistent entree for agelong periods.

As customer metadata was exposed, MongoDB recommends each customers alteration multi-factor authentication connected their accounts, rotate passwords, and beryllium vigilant against imaginable targeted phishing and societal engineering attacks.

BleepingComputer reached retired to MongoDB to study much astir nan exposed information and really nan breach occurred, but a consequence was not instantly available.

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