Monster Hunter Wilds: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

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It is clip to sharpen your blades, banal up connected potions, and eat a hearty repast because a caller hunt is approaching. Monster Hunter Wilds was revealed astatine The Game Awards 2023, and it looks to beryllium nan biggest and baddest introduction successful nan full hunting genre. Ever since nan bid deed it large pinch Monster Hunter World, it has attracted fans nan world over. Some were a small disappointed pinch nan past entry, Monster Hunter Rise, due to it first coming to Switch earlier being ported to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles astatine a later date. This time, Capcom doesn’t look to beryllium holding back, truthful let’s travel nan tracks and hunt down each nan specifications astir Monster Hunter Wilds.

Release day speculation

A huntsman riding a monster successful nan desert.Capcom

We don’t person a patient day for erstwhile you tin group retired connected your first hunt successful Monster Hunter Wilds, though we cognize it will beryllium sometime successful nan summertime of 2024.


A huntsman connected a equine gliding successful a storm.Capcom

Unlike Rise, Monster Hunter Wilds will travel to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC astatine launch. This clip it appears Switch owners will, unfortunately, beryllium near out.

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Monster Hunter Wilds - Official Reveal Trailer

Our charismatic uncover trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds showcases immoderate monolithic environments pinch arsenic monolithic monsters inhabiting it. We travel a characteristic racing atop immoderate caller monster equine arsenic a stampede of monsters pursuit them done nan godforsaken and a monolithic wall of clouds approaches. This causes a lightning storm, only further adding to nan chaos. In total, it is simply a very little tease pinch a batch near to estimate on.


A monster huntsman dodging lightning.Capcom

The uncover trailer lacked what astir would dream for, which is existent monster hunting. Instead, we do get hints astatine immoderate caller mechanics. Mounts person been successful nan bid before, but this caller 1 besides looks acold much nimble arsenic it leaps and bounces astir nan environment, arsenic good arsenic glides. Considering nan size of nan world, mounts are apt to beryllium an basal portion of your hunting experience.

While it’s unclear really it will precisely work, we fishy move upwind will besides play a immense facet successful really your hunts progress. The lightning large wind featured successful nan trailer showed conscionable really deadly nan upwind tin be.

The Monster Hunter series is known for its heavy and intricate weapons system, but for now we haven’t seen which will beryllium returning aliases what caller ones we tin look guardant to.


Summer 2024 isn’t excessively acold off, but preorders for Monster Hunter Wilds are not yet available. Once a group merchandise day is announced, we will update you connected really you tin reserve your copy.

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