Motorola Razr foldable phone just hit its lowest price of the year

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The Motorola Razr Plus, half folded pinch its screen surface on.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

If you’re looking for immoderate awesome savings connected a caller phone, look nary further than nan Motorola Razr Plus. The unlocked exemplary is seeing its lowest value of nan twelvemonth astatine Amazon today. The Motorola Razor Plus is 1 of nan best telephone deals you’ll find, arsenic it’s marked down to $800 from its regular value of $1,000. This makes for a savings of $200 connected what is simply a very precocious released phone. Amazon is including free shipping pinch a purchase.

Why you should bargain nan Motorola Razr Plus foldable phone

Motorola has been successful nan telephone business for decades, and nan Motorola Razr has ever been 1 of its much celebrated models. It’s a sleek, minimal smartphone that makes it easy to support a batch of cool telephone features successful your pocket. In fact, we see nan Motorola Razr to beryllium nan champion inexpensive folding telephone connected our database of nan best folding phones, and nan Razr Plus is nan larger type of it. It has a 6.9-inch pOLED show and a 3.6-inch outer show that lights up pinch notifications and different alerts erstwhile you person it folded up.

But there’s a batch to emotion astir nan Razr Plus beyond its displays. It has a powerful Snapdragon 8+ processor that makes utilizing nan Razr Plus a snappy experience. The camera setup is beautiful awesome arsenic well. It has a mates of different lenses for versatility successful capturing photos, and pinch Flex View you tin guidelines nan telephone connected its ain astatine aggregate angles, giving you caller ways to interact, capture, and create. This exemplary comes pinch 256GB of retention space, which is rather a spot and should beryllium capable to location each of your favourite apps and media without immoderate issues. This is besides an unlocked exemplary of nan Motorola Razr Plus, which intends it’s compatible pinch immoderate carrier.

While nan Motorola Razr Plus would typically group you backmost $1,000, it’s presently marked down to $800 astatine Amazon. This makes for $200 successful savings, arsenic good arsenic nan lowest value nan telephone has seen each year. Free shipping is besides included pinch a acquisition of nan Motorola Razr Plus.

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