MSI and Asus just flipped the script for their OLED gaming monitors

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Counter Strike moving connected nan Asus ROG Swift PG27AQDM.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

MSI and Asus are stepping up their show game. Both companies are now offering burn-in protection arsenic portion of nan warranties connected their OLED displays, which is simply a invited furniture of information considering really galore displays some brands person launching this year.

Although we’ve had OLED gaming monitors for adjacent to 2 years, astir brands person paid very small attraction to nan consequence of burn-in. In January, we took a look astatine nan burn-in protection that nan largest brands offered connected their OLED monitors and recovered only 3 of nan 8 we looked astatine explicitly mentioned burn-in protection. MSI and Asus jumping connected committee brings that number to five, joining nan ranks of Alienware, Corsair, and LG.

MSI took to its newsroom to denote a three-year warranty connected its upcoming OLED displays (spotted by VideoCardz). MSI’s warranty says that nan MSI OLED Care usability must ever beryllium connected successful bid to make a warranty claim, but it’s enabled by default. Here are nan models nan warranty covers:

  • MEG 342C QD-OLED

TFTCentral spotted connected X (formerly Twitter) that Asus precocious updated its merchandise pages to statement a two-year warranty connected its OLED displays that covers burn-in.

Asus person updated their warranty for each their OLED monitors (inc nan latest PG34WCDM and PG32UCDM models) to now see a 2-year pain successful cover. It's listed successful nan specs conception connected each merchandise page, though their main warranty page hasn't been updated yet

— TFTCentral (@TFTCentral) February 5, 2024

Previously, neither Asus nor MSI mentioned burn-in arsenic portion of nan warranty, leaving unfastened nan mobility of if it was covered. In addition, MSI antecedently only offered a one-year warranty. The extended clip intends MSI, astatine least, now matches Corsair and Alienware pinch warranty sum connected its OLED displays.

Here’s an updated look astatine nan awesome brands trading OLED monitors and their warranty coverage:

Warranty period Burn-in covered?
LG Two years Yes
Asus Two years  Yes
Corsair Three years Yes
Samsung One year Unknown
Gigabyte One year No
Acer Three years Unknown
MSI Three Year Yes
Alienware Three years Yes

As OLED gaming monitors go much salient among nan best gaming monitors, burn-in protection is important. Burn-in happens erstwhile nan integrated materials of OLED commencement to degrade astatine different rates. Static elements — deliberation a banner for a news transmission — will degrade faster than images that are perpetually moving, starring to a ghostly defect that looks for illustration nan fixed constituent has burned into nan screen.

It’s a constituent of contention for OLED take connected desktops, moreover if nan practical consequence of OLED burn-in isn’t arsenic large arsenic it whitethorn seem. Still, further warranty sum is simply a bully thing. Burn-in isn’t thing you should brushwood during nan life of an OLED gaming show pinch due maintenance, but it’s still bully having bid of mind.

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