Much-desired iPhone feature may not arrive until 2027

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We’ve heard a lot in contempo years about an iPhone that ditches the Dynamic Island, agreement the selfie camera and FaceID technology below the bottle for a clean, abounding display. But admitting a growing number of Android phones adopting the design, for the iPhone it still seems a means off.

In 2022, oft-reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that a abounding affectation could access with abutting year’s iPhone 16, admitting others in the aforementioned acreage accept back appropriate that it may booty several added iterations of the iPhone afore the tech behemothic is able to accomplish the change.

In the latest development, a address from South Korean account armpit The Elec this anniversary claims that an Apple supplier there — LG Innotek — has started to advance an under-display camera (UDC) that could advance to the aboriginal iPhone with a affectation ceaseless by the Dynamic Island or some added abate cutout.

UDC technology is a claiming as it has to acquisition a way of accepting an able aggregate of ablaze to the sensor, as some of it will be absent as it passes through the display. To affected this obstacle, LG Innotek is alive on a “freeform optic” assorted lens system, which, according to MacRumors, “can abate optical aberrations and access the ablaze acuteness arrangement about the optical bore to advance borderline angel quality.”

It’s been appropriate that as a dispatch bean to a abounding display, Apple will aboriginal abode the FaceID technology below the screen, possibly with the iPhone 17 Pro, accepted in 2025. That would acquiesce the iPhone Pro models to alter the Dynamic Island for a abate annular agent for the selfie camera, afore affective to a abounding affectation two years after with the iPhone 19 Pro.

Of course, this is based on what we’ve been audition through the grapevine, and so the plan could change, abnormally if abrupt abstruse challenges arise. But all-embracing it seems like a reasonable timeline that Apple could follow.

Until then, iPhone owners will accept to abide with the somewhat undynamic Dynamic Island, a architecture affection that some accept was “the better iPhone aberration in years,” admitting others accept appear to adulation it (a little bit).

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