My PC died and I nearly lost everything. Here’s what saved me

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 28, 2023 8:00AM

It’s very easy to opportunity “you must back up your computer,” but doing truthful tin sometimes consciousness for illustration a chore. After all, catastrophic information nonaccomplishment doesn’t consciousness for illustration it should beryllium a communal occurrence. It couldn’t hap to me, right?

Well, I’m present to show you that it did hap to me. I mislaid 4TB of files correct earlier an incredibly important activity event, almost leaving maine high, barren and wholly screwed. Luckily for me, I had a backup. Here’s why you should, too.

Disaster strikes

The WD Black SN850 soul SSD being installed successful a PlayStation 5.Western Digital

After an unfortunate data-loss incident successful assemblage (who knew that ne'er shutting down your laptop tin fry it?), I started to usage Backblaze to upload my files to nan unreality and support them safe successful lawsuit I suffered different dormant computer. As it turns out, that determination repaid itself galore times over.

Last month, I was preparing to screen Microsoft’s Surface event, wherever I was group to study connected Microsoft’s announcements from location arsenic they happened. I had my notes and readying documents each loaded when, a specified 20 minutes earlier nan show was owed to start, my PC crashed. Oh, crap.

In nan contiguous aftermath, my PC simply wouldn’t move on. When it yet loaded up a fewer minutes later, it couldn’t footwear into Windows 11. Panicking, I grabbed my MacBook and dived into nan Microsoft event, attempting to screen everything arsenic champion I could without my notes astatine hand.

When I took my PC to a repair shop, I was told that my 4TB soul SSD was wholly kaput, pinch nary dream of redeeming it. This thrust contained years’ worthy of priceless memories and images (I utilized to beryllium a keen photographer), important documents, ongoing work, and more. Losing it was a disaster.

Or astatine slightest it would person been. Despite nan calamitous situation, I felt strangely calm, and it’s because I knew everything was safely backed up to nan cloud. As personification who has a penchant for worrying excessively much, this was an tremendous relief.

Be prepared

Lenovo Legion Tower 7i gaming PC sitting connected a table.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Sure, it wasn’t each roses. I had to salary for Backblaze to nonstop maine a difficult thrust containing my files, and past hold for nan busted SSD to beryllium replaced (it was conscionable 2 years old, good wrong its five-year warranty). That would return clip and money, but location was astatine slightest ray astatine nan extremity of nan tunnel.

After waiting for my files and nan caller SSD to arrive, I was retired of action for astir 2 weeks. In nan meantime, I was capable to prevention caller documents connected my games drive, meaning I could still work. Still, this flimsy inconvenience was worthy it if it meant I sewage my files back. I’ll return a fewer days of hassle complete losing 4TB of files immoderate time of nan week.

I shudder to deliberation really I would person felt if I hadn’t backed up. We each person truthful galore files connected our computers that are incredibly important to us, whether they’re photos of our wedding time aliases captious activity documents, and losing them everlastingly would beryllium perfectly awful. I cognize I would person been devastated if I had nary measurement to get them back.

Fortunately, I did. If you’ve been connected nan obstruction astir paying for a backup scheme — whether that’s for a work for illustration Backblaze aliases conscionable an external difficult drive — judge maine erstwhile I opportunity it’s worthy it. You ne'er cognize erstwhile disaster mightiness strike, but if you’re backed up and fresh for it, it will beryllium overmuch easier to bear.

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