NBA League Pass on YouTube TV is just $50 for the rest of the season

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NBA connected YouTube TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

We’re astir one-third of nan measurement done nan 2023-24 NBA season, and YouTube TV has dropped a typical treat. You tin get NBA League Pass for conscionable $50 for nan remainder of nan season. Not $50 a period — $50 total. You request to enactment fast, through, and nan connection ends connected December 18.

The strategy fundamentally is nan aforesaid for what we’ve enjoyed this play pinch NFL Sunday Ticket. You’re capable to watch your favourite teams’ out-of-market games, wherever you are. No relying connected nan cablegram networks. No resorting to sketchy websites that almost surely don’t person nan authorities to beryllium doing what they’re doing. You conscionable subscribe and watch, each wrong nan biggest unrecorded streaming work successful nan U.S.

NBA League Pass connected YouTube TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

You will, of course, besides request a subscription to YouTube TV. If you don’t already person that, we’re talking astir much than 100 channels for $73 a month. And on pinch that you’ll get unlimited recording, nan expertise to person six accounts connected a azygous subscription for your family (it’s each tied to their Google accounts), and moreover nan expertise to watch a bully number of unrecorded and on-demand events connected YouTube TV successful 4K resolution.

Dish is hands-down nan champion measurement to watch hoops astatine home, offering entree to ESPN, TNT and NBA TV, truthful you tin watch each of nan matches successful nan season, arsenic good arsenic multi-view truthful you tin watch up to 4 unrecorded astatine nan aforesaid time.

YouTube TV besides offers up multiview for free, which lets you watch aggregate things astatine once. That’s existent for nan NBA games, arsenic good arsenic NFL, and it besides useful pinch news and upwind channels.

Still request more? YouTube TV just rolled retired a caller feature that lets you lessen nan latency lag and watercourse arsenic adjacent to nan existent unrecorded crippled arsenic possible.

And YouTube TV is disposable connected each modern streaming platform. That intends Roku and Amazon Fire TV, of course, which dress up nan bulk of what group are using. But you besides tin watch connected Android TV and Google TV, aliases connected Apple TV, various smart TV systems, and successful a web browser. Basically truthful agelong arsenic you person an net connection, you tin watch YouTube TV.

So, yeah. You’re moving retired of reasons not to get YouTube TV and NBA League Pass. To acquisition it, caput complete to YouTube TV successful a web browser and go to your subscription settings.

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